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To increase the volume of loan production due to the ever-increasing performance pressure on mortgage lenders, concerns in the credit markets and controversy over subprime lending, a growing number of mortgage brokers and predatory lenders are resorting to deceptive practices. These practices range from convincing borrowers to act against common sense to illegal or fraudulent mortgage scams. Although several scams are drafted to prey on first-time borrowers and sellers, these scams are usually focused on people who are attempting to refinance existing mortgages.

Here are a few scams that people generally fall a prey to:

  • Scams Focused on Owners and Sellers:

Many scams are focused on homeowners convincing them to conduct unneeded or

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Home buying is a security in two forms: 1 -  financial security, because you are securing a stable payment and stable plan as to where you will be living, and 2 - safety security, because home buyers want to have the physical security of feeling safe and secure in the home. This is especially true for young families who will be having children running around in their backyard. One excellent measure that home buyers can use to help identify if a neighborhood they are interested in safe is the crime mapping tool provided by the Edmonton Police Service.

The crime mapping service is an online tool provided by the EPS for citizens to monitor the criminal activity taking place in their neighborhood. Some of the features of the crime mapping service

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