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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - There is nothing more exciting than possession day in real estate. The anticipation of a new beginning, the excitement of finally getting into a new home - it's fantastic! It's a little different when you are renovating the home, however. The same excitement and anticipation is there, but there is also some underlying dread of 2 things: 1) how sore and tired you're going to get over the next few weeks/months, and 2) worry about what unexpected issues may pop up once demo starts.

We had all of these feelings on that bright, sunny, morning last July when I got the call that keys were released and we were officially owners of the home. There was no doubt that I was excited, planned, and prepared, but we had A LOT of work to

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Home Inspection

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - A home inspection is always an important part of the home buying process, but when someone buys a home that needs a lot of work, it becomes even more important. In the case of our most recent home purchase for renovation, it proved to be priceless.

We had chosen to purchase a home that had a lot of updating to be done. We knew that we would have to remove the old plaster walls and ceilings, redo the plumbing and upgrade the electrical, replace the kitchen and bathrooms, and replace the windows. We had taken this into account when we desired to put an offer on the home. What we found out later is that we had a much bigger issue at hand.

During the inspection it was discovered right away that we had vermiculite in the

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Home Inspection

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The home inspection is the one of the more unnerving parts of the home buying process. By knowing what and inspector will (and won't) do, what your role is, and what to do with the results, you as a home buyer will be able to calm a lot of those fears.

A Brief Overview

A home inspector is a licensed professional who specializes in just that - home inspections. They should have the proper designations from the province of Alberta and have a fair bit of experience. The home inspection itself is set up by the buyer and is paid for by the buyer. The cost for home inspectins in today's market range anywhere from about $400 to up to $1500, with the average on the low end of that scale. Inspectors can do inspections any day

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Home Buyers Conditions


Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Once a home buyer has an accepted offer in their hands, it is time to get to the business of satisfying the Buyer's Conditions in order to turn the property from a Pending Sale to Sold. The period of time to be able to satisfy these conditions is negotiated individually within the purchase contract, but in general range anywhere from 5 to 14 days. The length of time agreed upon will need to factor in the number and type of conditions to be satisfied, upcoming statutory holidays, and other factors. It is generally agreed that it is better to have a day or two longer than necessary for conditions rather than creating an overly tight timeline that then needs to be lengthened with an amendment later on. Buyers always

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Real Estate Contract

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Completing the final acceptance on a home is one of the best feelings for a home buyer. It is exciting, terrifying, and every emotion in between. This is because the dream of buying a home is now much more real.  What many home buyers also need to know is that the process has not stopped there. There is still a lot of work to be done to help protect yourself in your home purchase while staying away from any potential issues.

There are 3 primary areas to work out during the 'pending' period that needs your attention as a buyer. They are 1) ensuring that you get the financing that works for you, 2) making sure that you have detailed information on the home structure itself, and 3) for condo buyers, making sure that you

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