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Prime Edmonton Real Estate -The Ultimate Edmonton Home Buyers Guide 2019 - I have put together a comprehensive guide for you to consider when buying a home, based from 20 years of guiding Edmonton home buyers through prospective homes. The one thing that stays the same about the home buying process it is that it is always changing! There are tons of different things to think about, and it can become overwhelming if home buyers are not planned and prepared. Even the most seasoned home buyers can be surprised by a new development, services, or gadgets that can help them save thousands when they purchase their first or newest Edmonton dream home.

Being planned and prepared for the home buying journey is such an important factor in how satisfied a home

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - As the weather warms, more people make the big decision to buy and or sell their home and make a change. There are plenty of good reasons to move during this time of year. It is an easier physical move in the warmer climates, there is an easier transition for schooling if you have kids in school, and there are opportunities to transition easier during a traditional vacation season. Things are even more busy if you are buying in areas like Edmonton Highlands or an Ice District condo.

Here are 3 quick things to keep in mind when you are going to move during the busy season:

  1. Be prepared - Have all of your documents prepared before you start the listing or buying process. For buyers that means being preapproved,
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Edmonton Home Mortgage

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - This week's sudden change in residential home purchase financing regulations have not been well received by the real estate industry or home buyers. The Government of Canada has chosen to set a rate for all mortgages with less than 20% down to a level that is much higher than the current competitive rate, and has only given Realtors, home buyers, and mortgage brokers a few weeks to adjust to the new rules. Given this sudden unexpected change in banking rules gives another good example of what is most important as a home seller or buyer.

The Bank of Canada has announced that they will be increasing all CMHC mortgages, or those that have less than a 20% down payment, from the current competitive rate of 2.35 to over 4.5%

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Sale of Buyers Home Condition

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - There is a growing trend recently of including the Sale of the Buyer's Home Condition as part of the purchase contract. I always inform homeowners who are trying to sell their home that they have an option - to have 2 properties for a short period of time, or have no place to live for a short period of time. This is because it is unusual to coordinate the sale of the previous home and the purchase of the new home to align up perfectly. This clause is something that is used more often by home buyers when it is a buyer's market, as the home buyer is unsure that there will be a buyer for the current home, and they are unwilling and/or unable to be in possession of both their past home while it still sells and their new home

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Home Addition

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - This past summer my wife and I decided to upsize our home. Our 1st home was awesome, and I had spent hundreds of hours adding a new garage, a garden and a lawn worthy of a gardening magazine. However, we wanted to expand our family and the home that we were in just wouldn't work should another baby arrive. We decided that we wanted a bigger home before becoming pregnant to help that process less stressful. Once we decided this, the first question for us was ' do we add an addition or do we move to something bigger?'.

We had a specific community that we wanted to stay in, as we had put down roots and developed friendships that would be hard to replicate. We also had invested our time into the community to make it a

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Contrary to public belief, there is more than one type of home ownership. Traditionally most people believe that you buy a home, and own the land all the way out to the street in the front and all the way back to the fence line (or alley) in the back. There are numerous forms of home ownership out there - everything from time shares to life leases and beyond. But let's highlight the 3 most common forms of home ownership types in Edmonton.

Single Family Home Ownership - This is a traditional form of ownership that sees a, home owner own both the land and buildings within the lot specified on title. I have had people try to convince me that it also gives them the licensed street area directly in front of the lot to park

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Home Investement Tips

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Securing Your home investment is just as important as making the right decision when you buy. In fact, it may even be more important than the home buying process itself. It is not a single step, but a series of consistent measures that you take to protect yourself from downturns and maximize the homes value long term.

There are many things you can do with your bank, with your utility providers, and with your home and landscaping upgrading that can put thousands of dollars in your pocket. Here are my top 3 suggestions:

  1. Arrange an aggressive mortgage repayment plan - This is the number 1 thing I suggest. Simply making the minimum payment every month will not allow you to pay off your mortgage in a timely manner. It
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Home Possession Timeline
Prime Edmonton real estate - Home possession is one of the most exciting parts of my job as a Realtor. It can also be a very stressful day for home buyers if they haven't have all of their arrangements taken care of. But how long in advance should you have everything in order?

It is important that you make a list of all of the things to be done to help with a smooth transition. These things include items in the following areas:

Financial - Ensuring that your mortgage professional has all of the required documents from you as well as your signatures on all mortgage documents.

Legal - need to make sure that all of the contracts and contact information for the seller's lawyer and mortgage company.

Utilities - Making sure that power, water, gas,

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the seller and the buyer, sometimes it is not possible for the home buyer to waive the conditions set out in the contract by the condition day. There are two reasons why you will not be able to waive conditions - 1) because you were unable to get the information needed to be able to waive conditions, or 2) you are unable to waive conditions because of information discovered during the condition period. So what does a home buyer do in this situation? Your options in this scenario are to either ask for an extension on the condition day set out in the contract or to sign the Condition - Non Waiver form and terminate the agreement in good faith.

Getting an Extension

This is more

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Waiving Home Conditions

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - There are always two forms I bring when I meet with my home buyers to waive buyers conditions.  One is a Condition Waiver Form, which tells the seller that the buyer(s) are removing all conditions and the home is sold, and the other one is the Condition Non-Waiver Form, which explains that 1 or more of the conditions cannot be removed, and that the deal is terminated. There are two forms that I bring for the buyers once they are ready to make their decision: The condition waiver and the condition non-waiver. They are exactly how they sound. The condition waiver means that you have been able to get financing, look through condo documents, and/or get a home inspection that confirms that this home is the home for them. Once

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