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Prime Edmonton Real Estate -The Ultimate Edmonton Home Buyers Guide 2019 - I have put together a comprehensive guide for you to consider when buying a home, based from 20 years of guiding Edmonton home buyers through prospective homes. The one thing that stays the same about the home buying process it is that it is always changing! There are tons of different things to think about, and it can become overwhelming if home buyers are not planned and prepared. Even the most seasoned home buyers can be surprised by a new development, services, or gadgets that can help them save thousands when they purchase their first or newest Edmonton dream home.

Being planned and prepared for the home buying journey is such an important factor in how satisfied a home

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January Homes Sales Edmonton

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The Realtors Association of Edmonton recently released the real estate sales statistics for the Edmonton area for the month of January, and as always there is some very interesting data to be found. Here's the down and dirty facts:

OVERALL RESIDENTIAL SALES: Listings down (-6%), Sales up (+12.75%), avg. sale price up (+7.6%)

SINGLE FAMILY HOMES: Listings down (-13.8%), Sales up (+11.8%), avg. sale price up (+1.75%)

CONDO SALES: Listings up (+4.3%), Sales down (-11.5%), avg. sales price up(+8.24%)

DUPLEX/ROWHOUSE SALES: Listings down (-9.6%), Sales up(+21.6%), avg. sale price up (+10%)

So what does this all mean?

One thing for sure is that the market continues to change at a very rapid pace. There have…
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Edmonton Real Estate

Prime Edmonton Real Estate – Making sure that you have a good clean slate to renovate your home on is vital to maximizing efficiency. It’s a fine balance – a home renovator must make sure that they are stripping away enough of the old without wasting components that could have stayed, wasting time, energy, and money to replace. In our latest renovation project we faced the exact situation – and had some unexpected surprises in doings so.

For our project, we thought that it was pretty straight forward – strip everything. A lot of this decision had to do with the fact that we had asbestos throughout the home – it was the insulation in the attic, the glue AND the flooring in a lot of locations in the home, and throughout a lot of the ductwork in the

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Today the Realtors Association of Edmonton released the home sales numbers for April 2016, and there are many surprising numbers within that. For those in the market who thought that the sky was falling, think again!

What isn't a surprise is that the overall number of sales are down about 11% over April of 2015. These decreases are fairly spread out over single family home sales, duplex/rowhouse sales, and condominium sales.

Now here's where it gets interesting.

The average residential property sold in Edmonton and area in April of 2016 actually went up over this time last year. Now, this is an extremely small amount, equalling less than .05%, but the facts support the reality that Edmonton's housing market prices

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March 2016 Edmonton Home Sales Stats

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The latest home sales statistics for March 2016 were just released and I thought I would share some of the highlights with you. I was interested to see how the warmer weather in March, along with some of the economic news stating that Edmonton is doing better than Calgary during the energy sector slowdown, would affect home prices, if at all. Although it is good news for some and not so good for others, it is overall a positive given a lot of the bad news being spread on local and national TV.


It appears as though things are picking up again in the market, albeit at a slower pace than in 2015. Overall residential sales saw a 2% increase in average sales price while listing (2% decrease)  and

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Good Real Estate PeoplePrime Edmonton Real Estate - The real estate industry has a mixed reputation amongst public opinion, despite there being thousands of professionals who treat their people well all across Canada. The reality is that with tens of thousands of people employed in the real estate industry, there will be a mix of good, bad, and unfortunately, ugly. I have always held the belief that real estate is a people business first and foremost; treating people good is good policy and good business.

Recently I have seen examples on both end of the spectrum.

As reported in this article by David Staples of the Edmonton Journal, a local Edmonton real estate developer has recently put people before profit. George Cantalini purchased the bankrupted and halted Glenora

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Edmonton Real Estate Sales

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The Edmonton real estate sales statistics have been released for February 2016 from the Realtors Association of Edmonton. Here are some of the more interesting figures:


  • There was a 14.8% increase in properties being listed and a 18.5% decrease in the number of properties being sold from February 2015 to this February. This translates into a listings to sold ratio decrease of 30%.
  • The average sale price of all types of property sold in the Edmonton area in February was $363266. This compares to an average sale price of $364253 from 2015, a very slight decrease of less than 1%.
  • The average number of days that a listing was on the market before selling was 57, which was 9 days longer than last
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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - First impressions are vital in real estate. So if you're looking for an agent, make sure you have the necessary financial considerations in place. If you're selling your house, be prepared to show your home as soon as possible. All this takes time, and depending on the condition of your house and your finances, it could take a lot of time.

Buying a home is a complicated process, as it includes a number of factors that are to be considered for your decision. It is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. Hence, selecting the right real estate agent is utterly important and before you consider who your agent will be, you need to cover the following steps: 

  1. Get Your Mortgage Pre-Approved:

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Edmonton Homes for sale

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The Realtors Association of Edmonton (RAE) recently released the Edmonton real estate sales report for March 2015 - and the 'doom and gloom' forecast for housing predicted by many has not taken hold yet. However, there are more indicators that a market correction may be in the near future. In the month of March over $540 million in Edmonton and area real estate was sold - which is down 12% overall from March of 2014. However, average sale prices are higher than both March of last year as well as compared to last month.

The average Edmonton home sale rose in March after being stable in February. Single family homes were sold on average for just over $438880. This is an increase of over 1% over March of last year and up 2%

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The Realtors Association of Edmonton (RAE) recently released the Edmonton real estate sales report for the month of February. This data from the report shows that Edmonton home buyers paid about the same for a home this February compared to last February, but condo and duplex buyers paid more than February of 2014. There are many theories about why this is occurring, with the most obvious reason being the recent change in oil prices and the Alberta Government's change in tone when discussing the economy. Perception is everything, and right now the perception is that Alberta might not be the economic powerhouse that it was 12 months ago. However, with oil prices stabilizing and even rising slightly, it appears that the

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