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January Homes Sales Edmonton

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The Realtors Association of Edmonton recently released the real estate sales statistics for the Edmonton area for the month of January, and as always there is some very interesting data to be found. Here's the down and dirty facts:

OVERALL RESIDENTIAL SALES: Listings down (-6%), Sales up (+12.75%), avg. sale price up (+7.6%)

SINGLE FAMILY HOMES: Listings down (-13.8%), Sales up (+11.8%), avg. sale price up (+1.75%)

CONDO SALES: Listings up (+4.3%), Sales down (-11.5%), avg. sales price up(+8.24%)

DUPLEX/ROWHOUSE SALES: Listings down (-9.6%), Sales up(+21.6%), avg. sale price up (+10%)

So what does this all mean?

One thing for sure is that the market continues to change at a very rapid pace. There have…
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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Today the Realtors Association of Edmonton released the home sales numbers for April 2016, and there are many surprising numbers within that. For those in the market who thought that the sky was falling, think again!

What isn't a surprise is that the overall number of sales are down about 11% over April of 2015. These decreases are fairly spread out over single family home sales, duplex/rowhouse sales, and condominium sales.

Now here's where it gets interesting.

The average residential property sold in Edmonton and area in April of 2016 actually went up over this time last year. Now, this is an extremely small amount, equalling less than .05%, but the facts support the reality that Edmonton's housing market prices

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March 2016 Edmonton Home Sales Stats

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The latest home sales statistics for March 2016 were just released and I thought I would share some of the highlights with you. I was interested to see how the warmer weather in March, along with some of the economic news stating that Edmonton is doing better than Calgary during the energy sector slowdown, would affect home prices, if at all. Although it is good news for some and not so good for others, it is overall a positive given a lot of the bad news being spread on local and national TV.


It appears as though things are picking up again in the market, albeit at a slower pace than in 2015. Overall residential sales saw a 2% increase in average sales price while listing (2% decrease)  and

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Edmonton Real Estate Sales

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The Edmonton real estate sales statistics have been released for February 2016 from the Realtors Association of Edmonton. Here are some of the more interesting figures:


  • There was a 14.8% increase in properties being listed and a 18.5% decrease in the number of properties being sold from February 2015 to this February. This translates into a listings to sold ratio decrease of 30%.
  • The average sale price of all types of property sold in the Edmonton area in February was $363266. This compares to an average sale price of $364253 from 2015, a very slight decrease of less than 1%.
  • The average number of days that a listing was on the market before selling was 57, which was 9 days longer than last
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Edmonton Highlands is consistently recognized as one of the best neighborhoods in Edmonton to live. Formed over 100 years ago, this thriving area has a great mix of new and older homes, as well as picturesque streetscapes and river valley views.There were 10 single family homes in Edmonton Highlands sold in the month of October. The specific sales are as follows:


ADDRESS                    PROPERTY  TYPE     LIST PRICE          SALE PRICE         DAYS

11252- 50 Street              Single Family Home        $299900                $285000                37

11308 - 66 Street             Single Family Home        $315900                $310000                49

11420 - 62 Street             Single Family Home        $349900               

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The RAE (Realtors Association of Edmonton) have just released their October 2014 Edmonton real estate sales statistics to the public. October is often a transition month for Edmonton real estate sales. As the weather cools, traditionally the market cools as well as far as the number of home listed and sold. However, this past month was a fantastic month weather wise in the city of Edmonton; did the real estate market stay just as nice?

It appears that the Edmonton real estate market is still doing very well. Sales continue to be strong and the prices for home across all residential sectors have gone up over last year. Here are 5 interesting sales statistics in the Edmonton real estate market from October 2014:

  1. There have been almost $6.2
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New records were set again as the Realtors Association of Edmonton released the Edmonton Home Selling statistics for September 2014. The RAE is the local authority and regulating body for real estate in Edmonton and area and produces a monthly statistical snapshot to help the public keep informed with what is going on in the Edmonton real estate market.

September 2014 turned out to be another strong month for both overall sales and average sales. Did you know that last month alone over $421 million in Edmonton and area real estate was sold? This is truly an astounding amount, and an increase of over 14%. And this amount is for single family home sales only!

The average Edmonton home sale also rose in September.  Single family homes were sold on

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