Prime Edmonton Podcast Episode 9 - The Taste of Edmonton Turns 35!

Posted by Jerad Cox on Thursday, August 1st, 2019 at 3:46pm

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - YES! The festival season rolls on, and there have been some absolute smashing successes! This year the Taste of Edmonton turned 35 - and for the 2nd year in a row was located at Capital Centre near the Legislative Grounds. We talk about why this location works, why they need to make it the permanent location of TOE, and I list off some of my personal favorite foods there.
The layout for the 2nd year of the event in this location was much different than in 2018 - and I think they nailed it! We went during a busy time (most times are busy times when you average about 35000 people a day through the area) and were super impressed with how easy it was to get around, the variety of foods and drinks, how lineups and ticketing were improved, and the variety of areas to sit and enjoy our food.
In 2020 the event was schedule to move back to Churchill Square, but construction delays in the area have put that at risk. Let's hope that they make the right choice and make this year's location (and setup) a much more permanent thing!
Listen below - and remember, this podcast, and all Prime Edmonton Podcasts, are now available on SOundcloud, Spotify, Google Play, and Itunes as well. Enjoy it!

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