Prime Edmonton Real Estate - In Prime Edmonton Podcast Episode 32,  we’re going up, way up to the top of the Stantec Tower and the SKY Residences.

Recently we’ve hit quite the cold snap in our fine-fair city and I thought, “Hey, it’s -40 outside, what way to spend it better than to travel down to ICE District and to do a quick tour of the SKY Residences at Stantec Tower. Now all of you know or most of you should know about Stantec Tower, it’s the tallest building of the group of buildings downtown attached to Roger’s Place where the Oilers play, all that good stuff. To the North of it is the JW Marriott and the I believe it’s The Legends Residences on top of that and then, of course, there’s the City of Edmonton building that also occupies the space to the East.

Now the Stantec Tower of course is impressive, it’s the second-largest building in all of Canada only to be outdone by the CN Tower I believe, and just marginally taller than some building down in Calgary. I wish I knew the name but you know it’s Calgary.  

Occupancy of units in the Stantec Tower started mid to late 2020 and so I took the opportunity on just this past weekend actually, take some time. Was very happy to meet up with Rhonda over down there at SKY Residences. Rhoda thank you very much for your time and your expertise very much appreciated. And I got to take a tour around.

So I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking, “Okay, we’ve been hearing about this tower for so many years what’s it actually all about?” Well I mean, the tower itself is 66 floors but because of the fact that the bottom half or the first 30 floors, 29 floors are office space the height of the floor to ceiling, there is actually taller than a standard residential tower so it’s actually taller than its 66 floors. It’s a little bit deceptive in that regard.

Clearly the tallest building in Edmonton, you can see it pretty much from anywhere in town on a clear day and it was an experience I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you that.

Here are some of the highlights and some of the things that really stood out for me. First of all, it’s as tall as you think it is, if not taller. I didn’t get up to the 66th floor, I did get up to the 64th floor which is you know it’s up there. And I’ve had of couple people ask me, “So how high up is it? Like what is it like? Are you afraid of heights?” I have an irrational fear of heights, more importantly, I have an irrational fear of falling from heights. So over the years in the downtown area and being in the towers you know being up 30 to 40 floors is something that I have gotten used to. Now, can you convince me to go out onto the balcony? No. No. No. No.

I think there are a few of you out there that share that feeling but 64 floors up I can tell you it is high up. Super high up. I joked with the client the other day and I said, “I had things tingling on my body that I didn’t even know I had on my body.” And it’s true. The views though are unbelievable.

 When you are that high up after about basically where the residential, where the ownership residences begin you’re pretty much looking at a clear view no matter where you are over top of the entire city. You can see, and I believe Rhonda had said that at one point she thought she saw the mountains to the West, now she also said she was probably looking for it more than she saw it. But on a clear day, I could see seeing very very very far away. It is almost impossible to accurately describe the feeling of looking out the windows that high up. Quite spectacular. Quite spectacular. Absolutely.

The other thing that I wanted to tell you guys about was that its first class is far as service. It is, the concierge area, the greeting area is second to none. It is elegant, it is understated, and it is efficient. And I think that whenever you go into something new and providing a service that is new to market like Edmonton, you have to make sure that you have those three components. And from what I saw and the way that I was treated at the front desk all the way up and through the whole process I very much felt like they hit the nail on the head right there.

Now the residences themselves and the units themselves the one thing that I noticed is that they are well done, the units are actually very clean and open and understated. The point of the way that they design the properties as far as color schemes and things like that was not that what they put in there right off the bat would be the design that you would be able to put your personal taste and your own personal touches on that. So lots of white walls or just off-white walls, cream-colored walls for you to hang your artwork, to have your furniture, to highlight those pieces of the design features rather than the walls, the furniture, and things like that that can let’s be honest get outdated a lot quicker. That is a design function that I’ve seen be, that I can see happening and have seen happening over the last few years is that the trend may be going a little bit away from fixtures and things that are needing to be replaced, kitchen cabinets things like that, that are the design features themselves that should the design taste change it’s very expensive and cumbersome to replace and instead, you have that reliance on your personal pieces like I said your furniture, your artwork, your craft, and things like that to make the space feel at home to you. I’m a fan of it.

They do have two basic designs, one that is a cooler template and one that is a warmer template. But those are the two things that I noticed about the design and the layout. Now with the design, I will say the one feature that is pretty neat is that refrigerators are actually hidden within the cabinets so you can’t outwardly see the refrigerator it is a cabinet door like any other kitchen cabinet door. I’m a big fan of that, it’s hidden away, again it’s understated and it’s very very cool to look at.

The top thing that really struck me about going and visiting it and walking through the space and walking on I think we went to about six or seven floors total was the amenities area. Now this is something that I think hasn’t been really, it’s been promoted but I don’t think it’s been promoted enough. To walk into the amenities area, it takes out all of the space that traditionally you would need in an apartment or a house to be able to access but that you wouldn’t access every day all day. Things like barbecues, things like recreation space, all of those types of things. But they’re easily accessible within one or two minutes you just take the elevator. First of all, those elevators are lightning-fast and super quiet. That was a pretty incredible thing as well. But on the amenities floor, which I believe is the 30th floor, they have everything set up for you. If you wanna work out they’ve got weights, if you wanna do cardio they’ve got cardio, if you wanna do pilates or yoga or bar they’ve got a room established for that as well. If you are a big golf fan they’ve got an enclosed interactive golf room where you can play the online golf, not online golf. Basically, take your clubs out there and play interactive computer-based golf programs with I think they said a thousand different courses they’ve got set up in there. So it’s amazing in that regard. There’s a social room where you can just sit and watch, we just had the Superbowl, where you could sit and watch something you know I think the capacity is about 15 people with couches and benches and things like that for you to watch the big game, a nice big TV, a movie night whatever it is.

So those spaces are provided to you as part for free as part of your condo fees and as part of the amenities that they provide. There’s multiple, there’s a pool room, multiple convertible spaces that can be your social spaces where you can have executive chefs come and cook for you. So it’s just that next level of service and that next level of providing these amenities. Of course, it’s got the hot-tub outside, it’s got multiple barbecues, it’s got a deck area facing East which is gorgeous, you can watch the sunrise, you can work out watching the sunrise as well. And of course, you can’t beat the views while you’re doing it. The best for my money would be the best view to work out from in all of Edmonton.

The other thing that is super impressive is just the connection to pretty much anything that you want. You of course when everything opens back up you’re gonna have access to all the restaurants, there’s a grocery store being built within half a block, you won’t even need to go outside to access it. Of course, you’ve got Roger’s Place there through the pedway system you can walk into Edmonton Center City Mall, you can actually go all the way to the UOFA Faculty of Extension through there, you can connect to the LRT and be moving on your way to wherever you need to go, to work or to visit. So there are just tons of very very cool access points that really you don’t need to do a lot of driving or a lot of traveling for and I think with that, that is gonna be a key thing people will value with that is that you can go down every day or you can go down in the morning to get your groceries for the night. You don’t need to buy groceries for a month in advance or two weeks in advance and I think some of those conveniences and some of that accessibility is really gonna become popular once people realize how effective and how nice it is in their day-to-day lives.

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