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Edmonton Hidden Gem RestaurantsPrime Edmonton Real Estate - YES! I am very excited to share my latest podcast with you. I know that Edmonton has been spoken of very highly over the last 10 years ago or so for an excellent place for Foodies. There are such a HUGE variety of restaurants to try - in fact, I remember hearing a statistic a few years saying that Edmonton has the highest restaurants to population ratio in North America! Now, I don't know if that still holds true, but I can tell you that I have gone out to many places to eat over the years.

Now I love upscale dining as much as the next person, but I wanted to take a step back from those on my latest Prime Edmonton Podcast and instead focus on the hidden gems - the places that you would drive by and never notice on first…

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YES! Festival season is upon us in Edmonton - Jerad chats about which ones he has recently gone to and how to find great ones around town. Each year it is so tough to choose between all of the great events that Edmonton has - but there is a way to find one that is right for you!

After a great recent conversation on Twitter (@primeyegre) about local celebrity meetings and how you dealt with it, Jerad shares his 1st - and worst - Edmonton celebrity meeting.

Have an Edmonton 'social media celebrity' that you think is interesting? Let Jerad know and he may interview him/her in a future podcast!


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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - YES! This is a blog post a long time in the making. I have always enjoyed my time spent in MacTaggart - located in Southwest Edmonton - just North of Anthony Henday up to 23rd Avenue, and East from Whitemud Creek to Rabbit Hill Road. Since the development first started up back around 2005 or so, it has grown into a great area for recreation, food, and entertainment!

Here are my TOP 5 things to do in and around MacTaggart.

1) XIX Nineteen restaurant – elevated and elegant modern Asian fusion restaurant. Over 400 google reviews with an average of 4.4. Located near the corner of the MacTaggart area, close to the Anthony Henday. Customers say that this place has great service and the quality of the food is impeccable.…

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Prime Edmonton PodcastPrime Edmonton Real Estate - This week on the Prime Edmonton podcast I delve into something that we all love - coffee! I remember being 18 or 19 years old and having an uncle offer me a coffee. I refused, saying 'I don't need that stuff to keep me awake'....


These days I have become a bit of a coffee expert - or at least an expert in training. I have met clients and potential clients for coffee hundreds of times over the years at various places all over the Edmonton area - and know the good, the bad, the ugly! I have tried every chain location from Starbucks to Tim Hortons to Second Cup to Dunkin Donuts in the US (gross, just in case you were wondering). I have constantly hit up local spots, coffee carts, farmer's markets specialties, and of…

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - YES! Very happy to announce that after a year of planning, thinking, procrastinating, and other such things, I have finally decided to add an Edmonton flair to the podcast space. Actually, a PRIME Edmonton flair to the podcast space!

PRIME EDMONTON PODCAST will be me talking about all things Edmonton - from downtown core development to the best place to get a steak, to the one coffee spot you never thought about but should. From the Oilers and Eskimos and local sports scene to my fascination with 'micro influencers' in the social media space that reside right here in YEG.

AND - the most important thing is that we connect - so if you have ideas, requests, or comments on a podcast let me know!

I will be uploading them…

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate -The Ultimate Edmonton Home Buyers Guide 2019 - I have put together a comprehensive guide for you to consider when buying a home, based from 20 years of guiding Edmonton home buyers through prospective homes. The one thing that stays the same about the home buying process it is that it is always changing! There are tons of different things to think about, and it can become overwhelming if home buyers are not planned and prepared. Even the most seasoned home buyers can be surprised by a new development, services, or gadgets that can help them save thousands when they purchase their first or newest Edmonton dream home.

Being planned and prepared for the home buying journey is such an important factor in how satisfied a home…

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - 1st time home buyers - I am speaking to you. You may be in your 20s, 30s, or 40s, and have tons of reasons to buy your first place. You might be sick and tired of renting, securing that solid job that allows you to afford a good place, or for a financial investment. Whatever the reasons are, you have the desire, but not the plan....yet.

Excellent! This is where I can help.

And trust me, I remember my 1st home purchase - and even though I had been selling real estate for years, it was still a huge deal for me! I had just received a rent increase notice in my mailbox, and pledged that I would not give my landlords any more money. So, primarily out of spite, I started the home buying process. Unfortunately I still had a…

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Edmonton Garneau is one of the oldest neighborhoods in all of Edmonton. I am lucky enough to have a new apartment listed for sale in the area, and have absolutely fallen in love with what it can provide people who are wanting to live in the area!

First - the unit itself that I have for sale is turn key ready - which is a nice change of pace from a lot of the units in the area. One of the natural consequences of looking for a condo for sale in an older community like Garneau is that there are a lot of units that need updated. This unit has all the updates - kitchen, lighting, flooring, nice! The other nice this about the unit is that it is in a boutique condo complex that is self managed in a very efficient manner and…

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Edmonton comes alive in the summer with many festivals and events, but Kdays is over and above the biggest and the best summer festival in Edmonton. This past Friday I gave a pair of admission passes for some lucky Edmonton festival goer to enjoy and the response was awesome!

What makes Kdays such a cool place to go to? Well I think that it combines the nostalgia of adults' memories of attending as a child as well as innovative ideas that capture the imagination of today's kids.

Everyone has a favorite Kdays memory, or ten! I have lots of great memories of my times there, from childhood going with my dad to going by myself as a teenager to taking my kids as an adult. But my all time favorite memory? Going on the Zipper…

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Edmonton Highlands Home For SalePrime Edmonton Real Estate - There is something awesome about living in Highlands. There's a reason why it is consistently voted as one of Edmonton's Top places to live. For me, I went to school in the area growing up and it has been home for over a decade now.

My latest listing in the Highlands area gives me the chance to share with you what I love about this place!

First of all - let's talk a bit about the property. I really like this home - it is a rare one for the Highlands area - a 5 bedroom, 3 full bath 1990's built bungalow with vaulted ceilings in the living room and kitchen, tons of updates and upgrades. The basement was completely done a few years ago so you can have older children, roommates, or students from nearby Concordia University…

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