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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Good day everyone, good morning, good afternoon, good evening whatever that is. As we enter 2021 one thing that I know with covid, coronavirus, pandemic, all that stuff is that a lot more people are at home and a lot more people are spending a lot more time on social media. Today, we’re gonna talk about Twitter. Now listen I’m not gonna get on, after saying I’m not gonna get on one I just about did, on a rant about Twitter and how it’s corrupt and poisoned and... I’m not gonna do that. What I'm gonna do is put a positive spin on it and a local spin on it. Myself, I have a twitter account @primeyegre, shameless plug. But also I think you know a lot of times on Twitter you can get sucked down a very, very odd place and a place where it has nothing to do with your life or where you are both physically or in your headspace. 


So I thought I would help you. I thought I would give you a service. And I thought I would give you a few Twitter accounts I think you should be taking a look at. First of all I will say this, the mute button is your friend. The mute button on Twitter is your friend. I rediscovered it. I became heavily invested in the mute button to help clean out topics and to be honest with you, certain accounts that are just gross. You know you read it, it's in your feed and you’re just like, “Why am I reading this? Why?”. So use that mute button everyone. But for the YEG area here are a few of the accounts that I would suggest that you follow.


First and foremost what I’m looking for in these accounts is authenticity. Knowing who that person is. You know that person knows who they are and they’re authentic. And I really appreciate that and I think that it’s something that is not common enough on Twitter. 


First person I’d like to tell you about is Amanda. Amanda’s handle is @Mandoline79. Amanda is great. Amanda doesn’t need my help to get followers. She has a lot of followers. She is a mom of I believe 4 or 5 and it’s always a nice read, a refreshing read to read her posts. I can also admit freely that she is a runner and I am a huge runner so it’s nice to hear and see how she does her running and some of her physical activities. That is great. Just being a parent, just going through the ins and outs of the days, the weeks, and the months. And also for me just connecting like I said as a parent, as a runner, and to a certain point as a salesperson, where she works and the position that I have here is a Realtor. There’s a lot of similarities so I find that I connect with her very, very much. So if you are a parent, if you are into outdoors, athletics, or something of that nature, I would highly suggest that you follow Amanda.


Second person that I would suggest that you follow on Twitter that’s an Edmonton-based Twitter personality is Jeff Natchtigall. Now Jeff is more commonly known on Twitter as @dirklancer and he is the co-owner with his lovely wife Amy of Sugar and Spice. I’m actually drinking my Coffee out of my Sugar and Spice mug. It’s one the nicest mugs I have. I’ve used it quite a bit. I used to live in the same neighborhood, the same general area as Jeff and so I do know him personally and actually i-r-l in real life. And I can tell you what you see on Twitter is somewhat wittier but pretty much the same person as you get in real life. And on Twitter Jeff is witty, wry, and he has lots of illustrations of caks and pastries and pictures of that. And so, that is always a bonus for those of you who are like me and a bit of a fat kid at heart, love to look at pictures of cakes when I can’t eat them. Now Jeff is also a small business owner and I can relate to him on that note. And for those of you who are interested in the goings in and around the Whyte avenue area, Jeff’s shop is on Whyte Avenue or just off Whyte Avenue actually, in a back alley just off of Whyte Avenue. Also interesting hearing his perspective on certain issues in that regard.


Third one, I gotta go with Lowetide, I gotta go with Lowetide. If anyone is into the sportscene you know who Lowetide is. I think of him and it’s the voice too. He’s a radio personality at TSN1260 in Edmonton and he reminds me, and his voice does in the same way, he is that uncle. You know that older uncle who relates everything back to the 1970’s, sometimes the 80’s. If you are a Montreal Expos fan, you will also very much enjoy a lot of his posts. He's a diehard Montreal Expos fan and of course, he covers the oilers and numerous other sports. Really good read on Twitter. Thoughtful, funny, and interactive. And that’s the thing with all these accounts, is that they’re interactive with people who respond back. And that’s the whole point of Twitter, is to be able to share and to also socialize. That’s the social part of social media.


The next person that I think you should definitely take a look at on Twitter is Christy McRose which is @Christyrose760. Christy is c-h-r not k-r and it’s c-h-r-i-s-t-y. Now that I feel like I’ve been on a spelling bee, Christy is sunshine and smiles 90% of the time. And her dog Boomer has made me laugh more times than I can think. And so just for Boomer alone, if you are a dog lover you’ll get it. Boomer is alone worth it but Christy is a great follow on Twitter as well.


Now Patricia, also known as @Jahoofka. Now I know that she has explained what that is and I probably butchered that as well. But Patricia is a great follow on Twitter. She is a MS advocate. She is also a person who does a lot of fund raising for the MS society. I believe that that is one of her primary occupations. And she loves cycling and she loves soccer. And a little known fact, I played enough soccer at a high enough level to have the injuries to accompany it and anyone who has played soccer can certainly relate I’m sure. She also talks frankly and openly about what it’s like having MS and having that information out is such a valuable, valuable resource. So I would definitely check her out and it’s @Jahoofka. My grandmother had MS when I was a child growing up. She’s passed on now. It's been over 25 years now but I never met my grandmother - I have no memory of my grandmother not being in a wheelchair. So I have a strong connection in that regard as well. But I will definitely support and become inspired by just her account and what she is doing as she deals with Multiple Sclerosis. Now that one’s kind of a heavy one. Very inspirational. 


The last one that I want to share with you is one that I don’t even know if it’s a parody account, if it’s real, I don't know what it is. But for me it makes me laugh because it’s so ridiculous. If you guys follow Burger Baron on Twitter @Burger_Baron. For those of you in the Edmonton area, you know that Burger Baron has been around since the dawn of time I think.  And it’s one of those faded iconic things where you drive by them, quite a few locations still to this day. There aren’t as many anymore. There’s only one or two left I think. I know there’s the one just off of Whyte Ave. and east of 50th street and there’s a few more around town. I think that might actually be the only one left. There used to be the one on 100 and 11th ave. and 95th street as well, but that one knocked down. That's where I had a lot of Burger Baron experiences. But it is lewd, it is crude, it is very direct, it is a 20 year old drunken frat boy type of account and for some reason it’s just good to have a silly laugh and it’s so silly and that’s what I love about it.


Do you have a twitter account? If you do and you want me to follow you, send me a note or follow me or send me a note @primeyegre. I’ll be sure to follow you. And also I’d love to hear your suggestions for people whom you think I should follow cause I would love to do that. Now I don’t get into politics. I don’t follow politicians. And so I just, to be honest that’s some of the things I've muted in the last 6 months, and it’s been a good thing for sure.


So I’ve given you Twitter accounts you should follow. Now you give me the Twitter accounts in around Edmonton, I like to keep it local, the twitter accounts that you think I should follow. Next time we’re going to talk about some Instagram accounts that are local that you should also follow.Take care everyone.

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