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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Today we’re talking Social Media. More specifically Instagram, Edmonton, and some accounts you should be following in 2021!


How are you doing? Just checking in, seeing how you’re doing. How are you doing? You’re doing good? You’re doing okay? Getting your sleep? Getting your water? Getting your sunshine?


Good, good to hear.

Last time we talked about Twitter, we talked about some of the accounts that I follow, that I enjoy for various reasons. And this time around we’re gonna talk about Edmonton-based Instagram accounts that you should definitely be following.

Now, of course, Instagram is much different than Twitter for many reasons. Primarily, it being a much more visual medium. Now for someone like me who I believe I said on my first podcast, someone told me once that I have a face for radio and I’m sticking with that. Sometimes the visual medium is a little daunting. Taking pictures of yourself, having people take pictures of you, and sharing things through the picture form rather than through the word is a different skill altogether. But there are a lot of people that do it very very well. And for me and for the people on this list has very little to do with anything but getting a real true sense of who they are and things that I find interesting and I think you’ll find interesting too.


Now my first account that I think you should definitely, definitely follow here and around the Edmonton area is Raymond. Raymond’s handle is @oilerraymond1967. Now I prefer his Twitter handle which is @pullmygolies, but for obvious reasons. But very very funny guy.


Raymond is indigenous and Raymond is an Oilers’ fan and Raymond shares some great memes some great photos of his dog, of some memes that he curates, but also a lot of positive and striking indigenous leaders. Not only in our community but all over and not leaders in the sense of political leaders or even the culture leaders. He really does a really good job of just spreading positive indigenous examples of the indigenous culture and the positive people within the indigenous culture and it’s as simple as that. Now that’s not all he does. He also takes a lot of photos of his little dog Jasper which I’m a big fan of and I would highly suggest that you follow him. Really, really, really good guy. 


Now the second account that I definitely think that you should be following if you aren’t already because she seems to be everywhere, is Krista Gulseth. You can find her handle at @kristag_99. The thing about Krista is she just has energy, she just has this smile and an attitude that is very infectious. Now I’ve met Krista in person and it’s the same in person, it’s the same in real life. She’s just an infectious, bubbly personality. And for me, I know that there’s often times when I need that. I need to be influenced by those types of personalities and Krista does that every once in a while for me. So Krista thank you for that and I would highly suggest that you follow her.


The next one, he’s more of a TikTok star now than an Instagram star but I still highly suggest that you follow him on Instagram. He reposts his TikTok videos. I don’t know what you feel about that, about cross-posting but notorious cree, James Jones. James, my man. Again very similar to Ray, Raymond. He’s just spreading a lot of good positive information about Cree culture, about indigenous culture, and about indigenous dance and ceremony. Now, I actually know James from a long time ago when he was later on in his high school years. And so for me, it’s very, very cool to see this young man really come into his own and do some really, really cool things in around the Edmonton area. So if you have the chance please follow James Jones @notoriouscree. Now James is actually so popular, he is a Nike sponsored athlete ambassador. So that tells you the reach that social can have all around the world even from a place like Edmonton Canada.


Now the next person that I really enjoy watching her feed and in fact even this morning as I was preparing for this, I saw a picture that was truly striking. Truly striking. She’s a photographer, primarily a lot of what she does is photography and that’s Harmony and you can find her. Her handle is fantastic. It’s @coffee_and_baileys. And Harmony takes great shots, great photos, night photos of in around the Edmonton area, nature, and landscape stuff. I’m a huge landscape photography guy I love to look at those. And seeing my city through her eyes and through her lens has been a really, really cool thing and often she’s quite frankly taken my breath away with the beauty of our city that I haven’t quite seen before. So thank you, Harmony, I really do appreciate it.


If you like comedy you probably know about Lars. Lars can be found @extralars. He’s a professional comedian. He’s been doing it a very, very long time. And during the pandemic, it’s been very, very interesting to watch him doing his backyard comedy tour.  I can’t remember how many he said he did but he did hundreds of backyard socially distance comedy tour. And to watch how he was able to be innovative with his profession during the pandemic, primarily with a smile on his face and a joke at hand, was really really cool. That and he often shares things about something that is near and dear to my heart which are Volkswagens. Now my first vehicle was a 1978, mostly rust but metallic green, Volkswagen Rabbit, and Lars has a Volkswagen as well. I believe that Volkswagen has taken him to almost every gig he’s ever been to and it is up in around I think 800,000 kilometers, something ridiculous like that. Truly amazing. So I always like to see those posts as well. Those Volkswagens, wow. Check out Lars @extralars.


And for not only him but for all of these accounts too, they have twitter accounts too. It was very difficult to do either one but I kind of split them up between Instagram and Twitter, but all of the folks that I do mention on the Instagram post also have Twitter accounts and they’re easy to find there as well.


Now the last person is a colleague within the real estate industry but someone that needs to be mentioned and that’s Andrew Cao. Now there are certain professions and certain industries like real estate, to be honest with you, that in a lot of people’s minds has a negative connotation. And there are few professions that have a worse connotation than lawyers at times. I don’t know why that is, but Andrew’s social media feed smashes that. He smashes that misconception, the bias. Because he does such a fantastic job of balancing real estate law facts, his own personal day to day work schedule, and a-day-in-the-life-of type of posts, and his absolute love of comics, comic books, Superman, Wonderwoman, Disneyland, kid’s movies, things like that. And he does it in a way that is authentic and something that is really, really, really cool. So I highly suggest that you follow @thatlawyerguy, which is Andrew Cao.


Now if you’re looking for me on Instagram you can find me @primeedmontonrealestate - shameless plug. And I would like to also if you have an Instagram account I’d love to follow you. So please do give suggestions. I like good content and wherever it comes from it doesn’t have to be a lot of followers. I hope that you follow some of those people and let me know. You can tweet at me @primeyegre. Facebook, Instagram @primeedmontonrealestate, and I hope to see you soon.

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