Prime Edmonton Real Estate - During the previous decade, the market for residential property in Edmonton, and across Canada, has seen significant change. We've had a lot of adjustments, which makes determining an accurate price difficult for many realtors. I mean, I'm frequently asked how much a house is worth, and on occasion I'm stumped. What is the value of a home? EASY (AND HARD) - WHATEVER A BUYER IS WILLING TO PAY!

However, one of the most frequent problems in real estate is that a customer will vastly overvalue their property, which can be costly. They believe they'll be able to reduce it later but can never raise the price. This is technically accurate, but this IS SO WRONG!

Getting the pricing correct is one of the most essential features…

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - What is the difference between Edmonton tax assessment and market value? What do these terms mean? In this post, you will learn about the differences between these two values. Some people think that paying property taxes is a good thing because it means they own real estate. We also meet people who want to sell their homes and use the value of their property assessment to determine the selling price. We also meet buyers who compare the asking price of a home with the city’s property assessment.

Real estate taxes are determined by two different assessments: a home's market value and the property tax rate. The assessed value of a property, or its Market Value Assessment (MVA), is determined by city officials from similar…

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