Edmonton Instgram Accounts 2021

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Today we’re talking Social Media. More specifically Instagram, Edmonton, and some accounts you should be following in 2021!


How are you doing? Just checking in, seeing how you’re doing. How are you doing? You’re doing good? You’re doing okay? Getting your sleep? Getting your water? Getting your sunshine?


Good, good to hear.

Last time we talked about Twitter, we talked about some of the accounts that I follow, that I enjoy for various reasons. And this time around we’re gonna talk about Edmonton-based Instagram accounts that you should definitely be following.

Now, of course, Instagram is much different than Twitter for many reasons. Primarily, it being a much more visual medium. Now for someone like…

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Top Edmonton Twitter Accounts

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Good day everyone, good morning, good afternoon, good evening whatever that is. As we enter 2021 one thing that I know with covid, coronavirus, pandemic, all that stuff is that a lot more people are at home and a lot more people are spending a lot more time on social media. Today, we’re gonna talk about Twitter. Now listen I’m not gonna get on, after saying I’m not gonna get on one I just about did, on a rant about Twitter and how it’s corrupt and poisoned and... I’m not gonna do that. What I'm gonna do is put a positive spin on it and a local spin on it. Myself, I have a twitter account @primeyegre, shameless plug. But also I think you know a lot of times on Twitter you can get sucked down a very, very odd place and a…

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