Prime Edmonton Real Estate - In Prime Edmonton Podcast Episode 32,  we’re going up, way up to the top of the Stantec Tower and the SKY Residences.

Recently we’ve hit quite the cold snap in our fine-fair city and I thought, “Hey, it’s -40 outside, what way to spend it better than to travel down to ICE District and to do a quick tour of the SKY Residences at Stantec Tower. Now all of you know or most of you should know about Stantec Tower, it’s the tallest building of the group of buildings downtown attached to Roger’s Place where the Oilers play, all that good stuff. To the North of it is the JW Marriott and the I believe it’s The Legends Residences on top of that and then, of course, there’s the City of Edmonton building that also occupies the space to the…

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Edmonton Instgram Accounts 2021

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Today we’re talking Social Media. More specifically Instagram, Edmonton, and some accounts you should be following in 2021!


How are you doing? Just checking in, seeing how you’re doing. How are you doing? You’re doing good? You’re doing okay? Getting your sleep? Getting your water? Getting your sunshine?


Good, good to hear.

Last time we talked about Twitter, we talked about some of the accounts that I follow, that I enjoy for various reasons. And this time around we’re gonna talk about Edmonton-based Instagram accounts that you should definitely be following.

Now, of course, Instagram is much different than Twitter for many reasons. Primarily, it being a much more visual medium. Now for someone like…

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Top Edmonton Twitter Accounts

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Good day everyone, good morning, good afternoon, good evening whatever that is. As we enter 2021 one thing that I know with covid, coronavirus, pandemic, all that stuff is that a lot more people are at home and a lot more people are spending a lot more time on social media. Today, we’re gonna talk about Twitter. Now listen I’m not gonna get on, after saying I’m not gonna get on one I just about did, on a rant about Twitter and how it’s corrupt and poisoned and... I’m not gonna do that. What I'm gonna do is put a positive spin on it and a local spin on it. Myself, I have a twitter account @primeyegre, shameless plug. But also I think you know a lot of times on Twitter you can get sucked down a very, very odd place and a…

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Yes! Welcome, everyone to the Prime Edmonton Podcast, this is Jerad. I need to start off with an apology on my last podcast, did not notice until after I had recorded it and sent it out into the podcast world. But apparently, my new home makes new noises and those new noises get picked up on my old microphone. So, if you heard a little bit of a hum in the background of the last episode, I apologize for that that is not the way that I usually like to do business. But it’s out there, it’s done and we move on. We learn and we move on.


Today, and this is probably gonna be the last time we chat about Covid-19 for a while if ever again, because I think that there are far more qualified people to talk about it than myself. So…

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Edmonton COVID Sanitation Checklist Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The COVID19 pandemic (also known as the Coronavirus) has been the overwhelming change in all of our lives over the past few weeks. It has taken lives, stopped economies, and changed the way that each person operates on an day to day basis.   And I will be honest - I had no idea what I could do to contribute. To help. Like most of us, I felt helpless and worried for myself, my wife, my children, and my family. But, after a few days to process things, I have decided that the best thing I can do is do what I have always done - which is to educate and support people in whatever way I can.   When it comes to real estate, and your home specifically, I thought that the best thing to do was to collect a list of the…

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - YES! With fall know in full effect (and winter on its way) it is time to look back at some of the newer trends that hit our city this pat summer. The one craze that had quite a few people talking was the downtown Edmonton Escooter craze. Jerad discusses his experience with the service as well as the good, the bad, and the ugly with this new product. Enjoy it!


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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - YES! This week Jerad talks about....optimism! More specifically, getting out on the right track and eliminating complaining wherever possible. The podcast also discusses how Edmonton could set itself apart by adopting marketing and advertising guidelines that areas like Sao Paulo, Brazil, and many areas in California and Arizona have implemented to make their transit corridors beautiful. Enjoy it!


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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - YES! Did you know that Edmonton has the largest river valley system of any major metropolis in the world? I think this stat is true (hello, internet....) but even if it isn't - the Fall is a lovely time to get out and explore it. Jerad lists some of the best areas in and around Edmonton to check out the River Valley, and also throws some shade on some areas that have been ruined by city planners. What's your favorite part of the River Valley to enjoy?

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 Edmonton Neighbors

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - YES! Let's be honest folks, we can buy the right house, we can find the perfect neighborhood, but there is nothing we can do about our neighbors. Or is there? This podcast discusses why neighbors are so important to us, shares a bit about some of the neighbor 'horror stories' we have all had, and gives a important tip on how to better select a home with neighbors we may actually like. Enjoy it!

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