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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The COVID19 pandemic (also known as the Coronavirus) has been the overwhelming change in all of our lives over the past few weeks. It has taken lives, stopped economies, and changed the way that each person operates on an day to day basis.   And I will be honest - I had no idea what I could do to contribute. To help. Like most of us, I felt helpless and worried for myself, my wife, my children, and my family. But, after a few days to process things, I have decided that the best thing I can do is do what I have always done - which is to educate and support people in whatever way I can.   When it comes to real estate, and your home specifically, I thought that the best thing to do was to collect a list of the…
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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - YES! With fall know in full effect (and winter on its way) it is time to look back at some of the newer trends that hit our city this pat summer. The one craze that had quite a few people talking was the downtown Edmonton Escooter craze. Jerad discusses his experience with the service as well as the good, the bad, and the ugly with this new product. Enjoy it!


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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - YES! This week Jerad talks about....optimism! More specifically, getting out on the right track and eliminating complaining wherever possible. The podcast also discusses how Edmonton could set itself apart by adopting marketing and advertising guidelines that areas like Sao Paulo, Brazil, and many areas in California and Arizona have implemented to make their transit corridors beautiful. Enjoy it!


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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - YES! Did you know that Edmonton has the largest river valley system of any major metropolis in the world? I think this stat is true (hello, internet....) but even if it isn't - the Fall is a lovely time to get out and explore it. Jerad lists some of the best areas in and around Edmonton to check out the River Valley, and also throws some shade on some areas that have been ruined by city planners. What's your favorite part of the River Valley to enjoy?

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - YES! Let's be honest folks, we can buy the right house, we can find the perfect neighborhood, but there is nothing we can do about our neighbors. Or is there? This podcast discusses why neighbors are so important to us, shares a bit about some of the neighbor 'horror stories' we have all had, and gives a important tip on how to better select a home with neighbors we may actually like. Enjoy it!


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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - YES! This week we talk about our Edmonton's favorite sports teams - the Edmonton Oilers and the Edmonton Eskimos. Both teams have seen a fairly dramatic downturn in ticket sales, and both have tried to address it - in very different ways. This summer has seen it quite evident at Eskimo home games - with the great Bryan Hall even saying that he is quite concerned with the downturn in attendance in our great city. Jerad chats about the different ways the Oil and the Esks have tried to lure the fans back to the games - and which one he thinks will work better! Which one do you prefer?

  You can listen below - and remember, this podcast, and all Prime Edmonton Podcasts, are now available on Soundcloud, Spotify, Google Play,…
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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - YES! The festival season rolls on, and there have been some absolute smashing successes! This year the Taste of Edmonton turned 35 - and for the 2nd year in a row was located at Capital Centre near the Legislative Grounds. We talk about why this location works, why they need to make it the permanent location of TOE, and I list off some of my personal favorite foods there.   The layout for the 2nd year of the event in this location was much different than in 2018 - and I think they nailed it! We went during a busy time (most times are busy times when you average about 35000 people a day through the area) and were super impressed with how easy it was to get around, the variety of foods and drinks, how lineups and ticketing…
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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - YES! This episode talks about a recent proposal from your favorite sports owner and mine, Darryl Katz, to construct Phase II of Ice District to the North of Rogers Place. As you are well aware of, Mr. Katz is the current owner of the Edmonton Oilers, as well as Katz Group Real Estate, who has spearheaded both Stantec Tower and Legends Residence/JW Marriott buildings, as well as some of the surrounding areas. His plans are, as always, ambitious - 12 Towers, ranging in size between 10 to 40 storeys would bring in an estimated 4000 new units into the area.

I speak about some of the issues involved with this proposal, as well as share some early feedback that I received on social media. To say the least, the response thus far…

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - This episode talks about serial entrepreneur, scientific genius(madman?), and technological wizard Elon Musk - and the thing that is happening in Beaumont may make him love the little city on the rise.

Beaumont, for those of you who don't know, is a small city of 19000 just outside Edmonton city limits South on 50 Street. It has recently trialed a project that has seen its main drag (50 Street) partially converted into an ELA lane. Now ELA stands for 'Electric Automous' vehicle, which can hold up to 12 people and is driverless. Passengers can be picked up and dropped off anywhere on the route, and you can also book it to pick you up at a  certain time.

Of course, Elon Musk is the founder of Tesla, amongst other things,…

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