Why Work With a Trusted Real Estate Agent?

Working with a trusted will make all of the difference when you buy or selling your home. Real estate is a huge investment, and there is a lot of money at stake. Here's 10 Reasons why having a trusted real estate agent working for you will help you meet your real estate goals in 2015:

Selling a Home

  1. Knowing the latest sales information on the MLS listings that have been , a Real estate agent can provide you that information in a way that will help you price your home correctly.
  2. Looking with an objective eye, your Real estate agent can help you spend your time and money correctly on any home improvements needed before you put the home on the market.
  3. All listing paperwork, marketing materials,  and real estate photography will be provided in a professional, efficient manner.
  4. Showings are coordinated for you in a convenient manner so that you can still live your life normally while you home is listed.
  5. Offers will be negotiated promptly and will your best interests in mind, while being objective to the goal of selling your home for top dollar and as quickly as possible

Buying a Home

  1. You will be provided with up to the minute emails of listings that meet your needs and wants in an easy to read email format.
  2. New listings will be sent to you within minutes of being placed on the MLS system, giving you new information in a timely manner.
  3. Your Real estate agent will arrange for you to see all homes you are interested that works with your busy schedule.
  4. Documentation and contracts will be provided, explained, and filled out by your Real estate agent to help you put your mind at ease.
  5. Your Real estate agent can provide you with historical and comparative market information to help negotiate a fair price for you.

 Here is some more great information on working with real estate agents from HGTV.

Time, energy, and money are things we can all use a bit more of these days - and having a trusted resource to help you in your real estate adventure will save you of all three! Whether buying or selling a home, using a knowledgeable real estate agent you can trust is a key component to a smooth transaction.