Who do I Need to Contact After the Sale?

Posted by Jerad Cox on Thursday, November 20th, 2014 at 12:35pm.


There is a moment after a home buyer realizes they have bought their dream where they smile, take a deep breath in...and then ask "Now who do I need to contact?". Usually the first people are family, friends loved ones - usually thrown up in an excited status update on facebook or other social media, telephone calls, and emails. But after that, there are a series of calls and contacts that need to be made to make sure that your home transition process goes smoothly.

Home buyers should be contacting the following people or groups shortly after they buy their home:

Your bank or Mortgage broker - just to confirm that that home is sold and that financing will be necessary. You will need to have them meet with you to sign the appropriate paperwork well before possession day.

Your lawyer - in conjunction with your Realtor, you should advise them that you have a home purchase and need their legal services. The realtor will send over all of the information needed, including purchase contract, highlight sheet, addendums and amendments, the real property report 9if necessary) and other need documents.

Utility Providers - This will be needed to cancel and transfer your service from your past residence to your future residence, and isn't something that should be done at the least minute. It takes a few weeks notice for them to successfully transition your utility services over.

Canada Post - Make sure that you don't miss any of your mail going to your old residence. You can go into Canada Post and inform that that you're moving and set up a forwarding service in 6 month time periods (at a minimal cost) so that you don't miss any important mailings.

Moving Company or Truck Rental Company - Depending on who you choose to use, you will need to give 30 days notice to these services as well, especially if you will be moving on a weekend or at the end of the month. These are these companies busiest times and their reservations fill up very fast!

Contractors - If you are having any work done to the property as soon as you take possession, make sure to contact your contractors to get quotes and schedule the work so you are not stuck with having them working around you as you unpack.

Condo Corporation/Management Company (If purchasing a condo)- It will benefit you greatly if you establish a  good relationship with these folks from the get go. One excellent way to do so is to call and meet with them before possession day to give them your contact info and to set up payment arrangements for your condo fees.

Community Groups/Members - A great way to meet your new neighbors even before you move in is to contact your local community league that you will be moving to in order to purchase a membership and learn more about events and things happening in the area.

Remember , having a list of people you need to contact after the sale will help you manage this process better so that nothing gets left behind and there are fewer concerns on moving day and beyond!

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