Where Smart Home Buyers Look for Online Real Estate Information

Posted by Jerad Cox on Monday, March 16th, 2015 at 12:48pm.


The internet is a vast resource for home buyers to get real estate information ....and misinformation. There is no exception when it comes to home buying websites. There are great informative sites (like www.primeedmontonrealestate.com) that will provide great information on communities, property and ownership types, financing and inspection tips, and more. But there are also websites out there strictly created to 'sell' you on something. Knowing which sites are best for your time and energy will help you learn a lot!

I am a big fan of sites that are low on pop ups and sales pitches and high on good, solid information. And I would like to think that my resource on this site is a solid source for those looking to buy or sell an Edmonton home.

Here are some great sites that I like to steer my clients to for a variety of information and ideas:

  • Houzz.com - primarily pictures of what homeowners and contractors have done to improve their property. I find it to be a great tool . Be warned, however, that they will want you to log in and become a member via facebook login after a few pages of browsing. That aside, I have had a lot of good ideas come out of this site.
  • HGTV.com - The online component of what you can find on your television every day. It has a lot of good tips for every aspect of real estate - buying, selling, renovating, hiring contractors, landscaping - the list goes on and on. And their information is a good mix of written, pictorial, and video based tips for all types of learning styles. Good stuff.
  • Box Outlet Home Improvement Websites - You know right off the bat that their ultimate goal is to sell their products to you. But that aside, the big outlets also have a very good education and information centres to help you find timely tips. My only warning on these types of sites are that they will only have product suggestions that they sell. Remember that there are always alternative products to the ones sold at a singular home improvement chain.
  • National and Provincial Associations of Realtors: Sites such as CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) and RECA (Real Estate Association of Alberta) are the regulatory bodies of real estate on a national and/or provincial level. They do a good job of informing you on trends in the industry, your rights as real estate consumers, and other valuable information on the business side of real estate in Canada.

As the weather gets warmer, more and more people will start thinking about the next big move. Having access to great online information is an excellent first step whether you are choosing to buy or sell your home. Getting an experienced Realtor is also very important in the process, but you should also have a place to go online for a variety of questions as well. Finally, having access to MLS listings online helps to give you a great snapshot of the real estate market. Smart home buyers are looking more and more to find great online real estate information to help them make the best decision for them!

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