What to Look for when First Viewing a Home In Person

Posted by Jerad Cox on Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 at 9:20am.


Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Just like a first date - the first impressions of an in person home viewing can make a lasting impressions on how you like or don't like a property. There are a few very important things to look for when entering a home that will help guide you to a decision whether it is the home for you!

It is important to be pragmatic, so look for basic 'deal breakers' as soon as you walk in. These could include some of the following:

  • dank and/or bad smells
  • staining on ceiling (caused by water staining)
  • cracks in near windows
  • foundation excessive cracking
  • other non-cosmetic damage that would be a great cost to remedy
  • exposed plumbing/electrical
  • safety hazards

When homes have multiple floors, I always suggest to my buyers that we look at the 'guts before the glory'. There's a reason why for that. When a home buyer  sees the 'glory' or finishes first, they can become emotionally attached and visually appeal of the home. My experience is that if a home buyer sees the beauty of the home first, and gets excited, there is much greater disappointed when they see a deal breaker in the mechanical or structure of the 'guts', or basement. My job as an Edmonton real estate pro is to limit the amount of disappointment in a home buying experience to as little as possible, so knowing that the home is a 'no' right away helps in that regard.

Once a buyer is able to see that it passes the mechanical/structural component of what they need in a home, then it is important to look at the floor plan. I have seen 1800 sq ft homes look tiny and 1200 sq ft homes look huge, depending on the floor plan.  The biggest factors I have noticed that increase or decrease the efficiency of the layout is a) windows and b) hallways. Windows can do an incredible job of making small spaces look big with natural light. Conversely, I have seen large homes be made small but unnecessary hallways that eat up tons of room. Keep in mind the idea of ' liveable space' , rather than simply space.

From there, a home buyer can then dive into the joys of color, design, and quality of finishing materials to get a more complete impression of the value of the home.

Here's something that you should also consider - you won't be able to see every little quirk and nuance of a home the first time you go through it. It is super important that you remember that you aren't choosing the home at first glance, but simply viewing it to see if it is worth a second viewing. Sometimes, this luxury is not afforded to a home buyer due to time constraints or a red hot housing market. However, the majority of the time you should be viewing a home with the intent of either a) excluding it from your list, or b) including it in your list to view a 2nd time.

Make sure to keep these in person home viewing tips in mind to help your home buying adventure.

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