What to Look For When Entering A Home For Sale

Posted by Jerad Cox on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 at 8:22am.

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - I often have to apologize when entering a home that is not for sale - whether it be for a visit or a house party I have been invited to. My natural instinct after doing it for almost 20 years is to instantly scan the home for red flags, features, added bonuses, and items that take away from and/or add value to the home. One problem, though - I am not there for that! Similarly, home buyers often look at the wrong things when they go to view a potential home to buy. They will look at pictures, furniture, mementos, items in the garage - all things that have nothing to do with whether or not the home is worth the asking price and b) if it's something they are interested in.

Homes For Sale - What To Look For

Here a few key things to always look for when viewing a home for purchase:

Red Flags - these things include water staining on the ceiling (caused by water damage) dank smells in the basement (another indicator of water issues), cracks in the drywall or repairs around windows and doors, evidence of damage due to fire or willful destruction.

Windows - The amount and location of the windows in each room will dictate the amount of sunlight and airflow in the summer and possibly draftiness in the winter. The condition and age of the windows are also important.

Mechanical Room - Usually contains some or all of your furnace, hot water tank, electrical panel and main water line. These items are what can make a home stressful or stress free, depending on their age, capacity, and condition.

Noisiness of floors - This is something that most people miss. Have someone go upstairs or downstairs and walk around for a bit, You should really listen for both squeaks in the floor (caused by gaps between the plywood subfloor and supports below them) or echoing that can make noise and become a pet peeve in a hurry. Quiet floors are not a guarantee!

Landscaping Around the Home - Especially within 5 feet of the building. You should be looking for a positive slope - which means that water that lands on the area can be carried away from the foundation and to other areas. A negative slope can cause a huge problem over time. It is optimum to have wash rock or similar materials in this area as well to divert large quantities of water during storms and prevent pooling.

This list a few of the things that end of coming back to cost home buyers after they have already purchased the property. knowing what to look for when entering a home for sale will help you feel confident in your home buying decision!

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