Using Crime Mapping as an Edmonton Home Buying Tool

Posted by Jerad Cox on Thursday, November 27th, 2014 at 8:55am.

Home buying is a security in two forms: 1 -  financial security, because you are securing a stable payment and stable plan as to where you will be living, and 2 - safety security, because home buyers want to have the physical security of feeling safe and secure in the home. This is especially true for young families who will be having children running around in their backyard. One excellent measure that home buyers can use to help identify if a neighborhood they are interested in safe is the crime mapping tool provided by the Edmonton Police Service.

The crime mapping service is an online tool provided by the EPS for citizens to monitor the criminal activity taking place in their neighborhood. Some of the features of the crime mapping service includes isolating exact locations of the crimes that have been taking place, the type of crimes that are taking place as well as the exact dates that the crimes take place. You are able to adjust the time periods to 30 days back, 60 days back, 90 days back, or to a custom date to customize to your preferences. It is also customizable to all of the specific communities in Edmonton, but also shows activity in nearby areas as well - such as across the street from the neighborhood boundary.

The crime mapping tools is especially useful if you are new to the city of Edmonton or are moving to an area that is unfamiliar to you. Knowing exactly the types and frequency of criminal activity reported will allow you to have more information about the area that may difficult to find out otherwise online looking at Edmonton home listings on a MLS search. If you are moving from a different part of Edmonton to an area unfamiliar to you, the tool can be used to compare the crime rates in your own neighborhood so that you have a good measuring device to know how safe the new neighborhood will be.

A word of caution: it is very easy for you to be scared off by knowing the criminal activity in an area you want to move into. This tool can easily be used as a scare tactic to convince someone to not move there. Please - don't use it in this manner! It is important to remember that there is criminal activity in every community, no matter how new and shiny the homes are.

For those who believe in having a secure home in a safe neighborhood, the crime mapping data provided by the Edmonton Police Service can put your mind at ease or alert you to potential issues in an area in regards to the instances and types of crimes that occur in a neighborhood. Again, remember that it is important to note that no matter where your dream home is located, there will be crime in the area!

All Edmonton home buyers should consider using the Edmonton Police Crime Mapping tool today as another effective home buying tool.

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