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Posted by Jerad Cox on Saturday, April 25th, 2015 at 3:57pm.

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There are tons of online home buying tools on the internet, but you deserve the best of the best. More importantly, you don't want to be wasting your time on websites that don't work or give little information. Often when I am looking for something online I simply do a quick Google search and hammer my way from top to bottom hoping for something useful. I often get frustrated because I can't find the info I need. And when it comes to Edmonton real estate sites, they are everywhere! So what sites out there are good for you to look at when looking to buy a home?

An Overview

What makes a good home buying site? It should cover 1 or more of the major issues related to real estate and home ownership - financing, safety/security, design, structural/mechanical, or other main things that are important in the home buying process. It should also be easy to use - user friendly - and be just as accessible from you mobile device as it is from your tablet or PC. It would also be better (although not completely necessary) if it was locally based. There are certain aspects of the legal side of real estate that is specific in each Country and/or Province.

My Favorite Online Home Buying Tools

There are some sites that I refer my clients to more than others, for the reason stated above and more. Here is a sample of them: - or sites similar - are great to find home listing information and topical info on the market and local area. It is a good idea as well to ask your local real estate agent questions - it may end up on a blog post like this one day!

Online Banking Mortgage Calculators - I like these because they help buyers to see exactly how much their monthly payment would be, as well as show them how to pay off their mortgages faster and using less money. It also shows the importance of how a small change in the interest rate can have a bif effect on your payments.

Design Websites - I love sites like for their visually based guide to home improvement and design. You can search for any type of picture, from 'wide backyard' to 'skinny bathroom' and you can get great ideas.

Community League Websites  - You are not just investing in a house, but in a community. So find out what kind of community you are investing in by visiting their website. You will learn a lot about the activities that occur around you, as well as special events or concerns that your neighbors have that are being addressed. A vital resource!


It should also be noted that the Government of Canada pout in new CASL regulations in place so that you will not get spammed to death by every website you visit. I would suggest, however, that you get e-newsletters or weekly updates from one or 2 of your favorites, as they can be time and money savers in the home buying process. By finding the best online home buying tools you will be much better off in your home buying journey!

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