The 5 Biggest Home Viewing Mistakes Home Buyers Make

Posted by Jerad Cox on Sunday, November 30th, 2014 at 11:13am.

Home buyers are often very excited when they get to the home viewing stage. It feels that their dream of buying a home is more real. The excitement of home buying can cause you to make one or more of the five biggest home viewing errors. These errors can cost you time and money. Try to avoid the 5 following issues:

 1) Looking at every home possible - Many people believe that a 'more is more' mentality when viewing homes is the best plan. Not so - in fact, it can often lead to what I have called 'buyer's fatigue'. Often after viewing many homes, what happens is that the homes start to blur together and all look the same. When they all look the same it is much more difficult to allow one stand out for you to buy. You can prevent this problem by making sure you do the proper prep beforehand and know what you need in a home and what you want in a home.  

2) Not knowing what to look for when viewing a home - This goes back to the needs and wants list in point 1. If you don't have a list of needs, wants, and 'dealbreakers', then you will have a harder time actively viewing the home. Active viewing means that you are looking for specific things as well as the overall feel to a home.

3) Spending too much or not enough time in a home when viewing it - These 2 extremes also take away from the effectiveness of the home viewing. I have had people view a home in 90 seconds (1st viewing) and I have had people view a home over 45 minutes (also a 1st viewing). Both of these time spans are extremes - and take away from the effectiveness of a showing. On average a showing takes between 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of the property.

4) Not making the best of a bad home viewing - If you decide right away that the home is not for you, then I still suggest you go through the entire home. Why? Numerous reasons - here are a few a) out of respect for the seller , b) to observe any issues that you may see consistently through an area , c) to observe any organizing or design ideas that you may like, and d) to look for any examples of 'red flags' that can teach you more about being a savvy home buyer.

5) Looking at personal artifacts inside of a home -  Don't be snoopy! Human nature is for buyers to look at everything in the home - pictures, knick knacks, personal effects - as well as the actual home itself. These things will also distract a buyer from why they are actually there - which is to view the home. Remember that the sellers will be taking all of those personal effects and stuff with them!

Home buying can be exciting - and it should be! But it can also be effective, useful, and efficient. Avoid these top home viewing mistakes and your home buying experience will be better as a result.

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