Spring Time Home Maintenance!

Posted on Sunday, July 12th, 2015 at 11:44pm.

Prime Edmonton Estate - The snow is melting away, the sunshine enters your house and brightens up your home. You have cleaned out your house by giving it swanky updates. Now, it's time for maintenance. When we start Spring-Conditioning our homes, it feels all good the first few weeks. Then we find leaks in the roof, the basement starts flooding and all the spring cleaning goes for a toss.

Today's focus will be on the maintenance of your 'new' Spring-Conditioned house.

Tips for Maintaining your house and decor post spring cleaning:

  1. Inspect your roof:

Once the snow starts melting, its time to check the roof for water damage and leakage to avoid big repairs later. Check for loose shingles and granules on the roof and take the necessary measures to repair it.

  1. Clean out the gutters:

Downspouts should extend outward to a position where they discharge meltwater at least two meters from your home to ensure it doesn't drain towards your foundation. Be sure that the eaves are clear and functioning properly before majority of melting starts to occur.

  1. Clean your chimney:

Get your chimney cleaned by a certified chimney cleaner and inspector.

  1. Inspect the exteriors of the house for any peeling paint or loose siding:

Before the rains start, it's better to finish up any paint job you wish to do. Cover up any loose bits and exposed walls to prevent water from seeping in. Spring is the best time for painting up your exteriors and interiors.

  1. Check for caulking and weatherstripping around the doors and windows:

Winters are harsh on windows and doors. Check for caulking and weatherstripping around your doors and windows to protect your house from rains and moisture, and to also prevent the cool air of your air conditioning system to escape outside.

  1. Replace screens if they are torn or have holes:

Spring brings about many insects and pests and they could enter your homes if your screens are torn or damaged. Do a thorough check on these as soon as snow starts melting.

  1. Check HVAC systems & install new filter:

Your HVAC systems must be checked by an expert at least twice a year, during spring and fall. Be sure to do that at the earliest, lest you want to wait till it's 30o outside and your AC isnt functioning as you'd like it to.

  1. Mow your lawn:

You shovel all the snow away and you tend to find a lot of debris underneath the snow. Clearing old, dead plants and weeds and mowing the lawn is important, allowing new, fresh grass to grow and improve the landscape of your house.

  1. Check your deck:

Before you send out invitations for get-togethers and parties, check your deck. At a minimum, test several areas of the deck for decay, especially those that tend to stay damp. Two signs: The wood is soft and spongy, and it doesn't splinter if you poke it with an ice pick or screwdriver.

  1. Visit the basement:

With all the snow melting, flooding is the last thing you want in your basement. Take the necessary measures to make sure that the flow of water outside your house is not towards the foundation. Apply waterproof sealants on the walls of your basement and make sure all the pumps are tight and not leaking.

This completes Spring-Conditioning your home. Cleaning, Updating and Maintenance. Go ahead and enjoy the sunshine and open all your windows to let the flowery scent come in!

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