Realtors and Food - We Have Our favorites!

Posted by Jerad Cox on Saturday, February 6th, 2016 at 5:45pm.

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate- Being a Realtor® can sometimes mean a hectic schedule – one that includes lots of meetings, and lots of meals out of the house. Over the years I have traveled all over Edmonton and area and met with clients and fellow real estate professionals to discuss business over breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and coffee. So I thought that it would be fun to tell you about some of my favorite places to pick up food, beverages, and desserts at various locations and price points for every circumstance.

So, with that in mind, here's a partial list...

Coffee – A Realtor's Best Friend

I can honestly tell you that Realtors are probably one the biggest allies to a coffee shop’s success – we are there early in the morning to get work done, we meet with clients for first meetings, debriefing meetings, to write up contracts, and we zip through the drive thrus in between showings and meetings. I am primarily someone who loves Starbucks – the wifi is great, with my Gold Card I can get free refills, and the variety of coffee usually satisfies my clients and I. I am not a big fan of any of their food, though. Whenever possible, I will stop by a local coffee shop or bakery, especially one that also has a bakery and/or special treats to help me get through the work day. The best ones that come to mind are Dauphine in downtown Edmonton (more for snacks than coffee), Spinelli's Bar Italia in Little Italy, Duchess Bake Shop on 124 Street (love their Americano!), and Credo Coffee downtown (who offers Jacek Chocolate in store as well). 

Quick & Cheap Eats Between Meetings

Sometimes a Saturday consists of 3 sets of showings with 3 different showings in 3 different areas of town. There is NO way that I can pack food that will sit in my car all day, especially during the warmer months! So I have a numerous hidden gems around town that can hit the spot quickly and cheaply. Ever heard of Sunshine Foods? Not many have. But this northside convenience store near Londonderry Mall has the BEST fried chicken for sale (yes, even better than what you think is the best). So much so that I rarely talk about it, because I don't want to have to share? It is so good that sometimes their parking lot is full of cars just waiting for the next batch to be done. Last batch done at 530pm, so don't be late! If I am anywhere downtown, I try to catch something quick at either (again) Spinelli's Bar Italia, the Italian Centre next door for an Italian sandwich, Super BBQ Delight for a lunch special or neighboring Nhon Hoa 2 for a Vietnamese sub. I love the Five Guys in the Windermere area as well, but those don't usually mix well with working with clients - I like onions and Jalapenos on my burger! I will also try (although unsuccessfully) to get a quick salad at a drive thru OR a smoothie at a local Juice bar. My newest favorite quick bite is downtown at Love Pizza - a personal pizza made in less than 5 minutes that tastes out of this world? Yes, please!

Thank You Meals with Clients

These are the meals that I enjoy the most - and for good reason! I love celebrating a  great home sale or purchase - and will sometimes take my clients out to discuss the details of the deal, wind down from the stress of the transaction, and to simply get to know my clients better. Depending on the area of town, I will usually let my clients choose. But if I am in charge, I have a few faves: XIX Nineteen is definitely a great choice down in the Riverbend/Terwilligar area, while the Melting Pot usually satisfies my clients on the South side of town. For those who like Chinese food, I love sitting down at Sai Woo in Chinatown - but it's tough to eat there to eat all of their goodness unless there is 6 or more to share! For those near Whyte Ave, I always suggest the Red Ox Inn - a small, intimate place that allows you to really enjoy the food. Finally, when i meet up in the west part of town, i always try and get to Piccolino Bistro on 142 Street. Love that Italian food!

This is hardly a dent in the grand list of restaurants and coffee shops that i drop by as part of my job, and to all of those in the industry who serve me, I am grateful. And by no means am I a foodie or someone with a sophisticated palate. But my favorites are my favorites, and this (partial) list is an excellent start for anyone looking into the life of a Realtor® and the places we eat!

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