Prime Edmonton Podcast Episode 2 - Let's Talk Coffee!

Posted by Jerad Cox on Thursday, June 13th, 2019 at 8:34am.

Prime Edmonton PodcastPrime Edmonton Real Estate - This week on the Prime Edmonton podcast I delve into something that we all love - coffee! I remember being 18 or 19 years old and having an uncle offer me a coffee. I refused, saying 'I don't need that stuff to keep me awake'....


These days I have become a bit of a coffee expert - or at least an expert in training. I have met clients and potential clients for coffee hundreds of times over the years at various places all over the Edmonton area - and know the good, the bad, the ugly! I have tried every chain location from Starbucks to Tim Hortons to Second Cup to Dunkin Donuts in the US (gross, just in case you were wondering). I have constantly hit up local spots, coffee carts, farmer's markets specialties, and of course, the good old greasy spoon coffee. Now I am not fancy when it comes to coffee - I like it hot and black and that's it - but I know a good cup when I drink one. I even have a collection of coffee mugs from all of my vacations to help me remember the good times I've had there!

So where are my favorite places for a cup of joe? Take a listen to the podcast below and find out. Oh, and by the way - the podcast also gives you a chance TO WIN FREE COFFEE yourself! Take a listen to find out how....

I also really appreciate the support I have been getting in this new endeavor. Thanks for all of the messages and social media posts supporting me guys!


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