Knowing How Home Showings Work

Posted by Jerad Cox on Friday, November 7th, 2014 at 9:26am.

There are numerous benefits to knowing how home showings work, and is a very easy procedure to learn. When you indicate to your Realtor that you are interested in viewing a property or series of properties, you should also have a day and time period in mind. It is also most efficient to keep your showings centered in a particular area of the city. Having showings all over the city is the number one time and energy waster in the home viewing process due to the increased traffic and driving time involved.

Once you give these details to your Realtor ®, they go ahead and contact the home seller's Realtor ® and make arrangements for the showings via phone, email or text. There is a secured keybox on site at the property that will be used to enter the property, and this keybox also holds the records of which Realtor ® has entered the premises and when.

Here are 5 things for home buyers to remember about how home showings work:

1 - Vacant properties are usually the easiest to show. This is because there are no owners or tenants to notify to try so that they can have the property ready for showing. Many vacant properties can be shown on a few hours notice or even less!

2- Home showings for properties that have tenants in them follow a different set of rules. The law states that the tenant should receive 24 hours written notice that a showing will be taking place. They are also allowed by law to refuse any showings on Sundays.

3-  Home showings are usually booked in 30 or 60 minute time windows. This is done to account for the viewing time, plus unexpected issues that may come up such as traffic or buyers getting lost trying to find a property. A key factor for this is also how far apart the homes you are viewing are from each other.

4- There are sometimes exclusions in the day or week for people buyers to be able to view a property. This can be due to the owner being a shift worker, due to religious beliefs, or because there are small children in the house that go to bed at a specific time. It is important that these showing exclusions are respected in order to establish a positive relationship should you want to write an offer on the property after viewing it.

5- Don't expect to be able to view all the properties you are interested in. Usually 7 or 8 out 10 requests for  showings are successful, depending on the time of year. During the busy season, often homes are pending and have not been reported, there are already showings taking place at that time, or the property has already been sold and has not been reported yet. Or the date and time simply doesn't work for the seller.

Here's a great article by the National Association of Realtors outlining the 10 worst things that can come up in a home showing.

Knowing how home showings work is not a difficult thing for home buyers to learn, but is still an important key along the home buying journey!

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