How To Prepare Your Home For Edmonton Severe Weather

Posted by Jerad Cox on Friday, June 15th, 2018 at 6:17am.

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - This past week in Edmonton, we saw quite the wind storm.  I mentioned in an Instagram story that it can actually end up causing tons of damage to your home and your pocketbook.

Nobody loves the wind, rain or snow that we get in severe amounts, but having it cause issues in and around your home is even worse!

Here are a few tips to prevent big issues with severe weather:

1. Protect the North and West first

This is especially true for severe weather in that most of the heavy rain, whipping wind and blowing snow that we receive comes from either the north or the west.  Can you even remember the last time that we had a strong wind from the south?  It might happen every couple of years tops.  So for things like window replacement, water drainage away from the home and making sure you have a positive grade sloping away from the home, be sure to address the north and west sides of the home first.  They will most likely take the brunt of the severe weather.

2. Do more than just water your trees

This word of advice is true for those who live in a neighbourhood with mature trees, but it also applies to any new trees you may add.  Pay attention to how close you are planting them to fences or your home. The common misconception is that when you plant a tree, all you need to do is put it in the ground and water and fertilize.  This couldn't be further from the truth!  Make sure that you trim your trees and/or shrubs so that they stay strong and healthy.  This means potentially topping the tree and/or sending out the canopy of the tree so that the wind can move through it, rather than push it over.  I can't tell you how many times a year I see the big, 40 year old trees in the mature neighbourhood I live in, falling over.  This word of caution is also true if you have a tree planted relatively close to your home's foundation.  By lightening the load and shortening the amount of water it needs to be healthy, you will reduce the chances of the root system growing further and further in search of water.  This, in turn, will make sure that it doesn't nestle right up against your foundation or sewer lines.

3.  Inspect your eavestrough every spring

Whenever there is a lot of wind or rain, you can also end up with a lot of water pooling in and around your foundation if your eavestrough is clogged or not properly connected to the house.  This can lead to a big headache.  Please be sure to check them every spring to make sure they are clear of debris and can easily handle and push away water from the foundation of your home.  Also, I highly recommend that if you have an older home with a smaller eavestrough and downspouts, you should consider replacing them with the new, wider channeled eavestrough.  The last thing you want to see when you wake up in the morning, after one of Edmonton's famous summer rain falls, is an unplanned indoor your basement.

Edmonton weather can be unpredictable.  That's the joke that most people like to share.  If you don't like the way the weather is right now, just wait 15 minutes, it is sure to change.  That being said, if you do live in Edmonton and area you should take all the steps necessary to ensure that your home is well protected against the issues that these severe storms bring.

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