How Needs & Wants Can Change When Home Shopping

Posted by Jerad Cox on Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 at 8:03am.

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The biggest surprise that home buyers have after they start shopping  at homes in person is how it influences their needs/wants list that they created at the beginning of the home buying process. It is completely normal that some of the items you thought you needed or wanted no longer seem important as they once were.

Here are some of the main reasons why this evolution of the needs & wants list occurs:

- The conflicting ideas of theory vs practicality. As important as the online component of looking for homes is, the practicality of certain aspects  don't make sense in the real world. Home buyers may love a certain style of building in theory, then realize that in practicality it may not be safe for their young children to have that many stairs.

- Price Range  - Sometimes a home buyer wants a certain set of things that are simply not available at the budget that they have. On the other side, sometimes things are available that a buyer didn't even consider would be in their price point originally.

- Changing Priorities - Once home buyers start to look at homes in person, they start to recognize things that are more important than they thought. The most frequent examples  of this that I see are the direction the home faces, proximity to major roads for noise reasons, street parking availability, and whether or not being in a cul de sac is important. It's important to take account of this and acknowledge it quickly so that you don't waste time on it.

- Neighborhood Reputation - Sometimes people want to look (or refuse to look) in a  certain neighborhood because of its reputation, only to find out when they investigate further that the exact opposite is true. About 5 years ago I had a client who was dead set on being in the Argyll area, and even more dead set on not being in Millwoods. After a few showing in Argyll he quickly realized that he wasn`t going to get the style of home he wanted in Argyll, and fell in love with a Millwoods property. He bought it, loved it, and then sold and bought again in the same area a few years later.

What happens if most or all of your list has changed? There may be bigger issues that need to be addressed if this is the case. Usually this is an indicator that you may not quite yet be ready to make a decision as  big as buying a home. This is completely normal. The excitement of the idea of owning a home for the 1st time or a new home is so strong that buyers don't analyze whether or not they should buy a home.

As my father always says "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should".

Another possibility is that you are too ready to buy a home and have been over analyzing the possibilities to the point where you are doubting things and caught in 'Paralysyis by Analysis' (please check out this previous blog post where I address that issue). A home buyer's best bet is to forget about it for awhile - a couple of weeks, maybe a month - and then come back to the idea with a fresh set of eyes. In either of these situations, the same fact remains true - no one wants to make one of the biggest decision of their lives without being certain that it is a good idea.

Make sure to remember that It is completely normal to have a healthy amount of change in your needs and wants list when buying a home!

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