How Google Maps Can Help You When Buying a Home

Posted by Jerad Cox on Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 at 12:10pm.

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Google Maps is a great tool for Realtors and home buyers when it comes to buying a home.  Using the various features in Google maps - street view, traffic flows, and others - is something I have been doing for years to help answer questions that home buyers may have. Now that the mobile version of it is improving also, it is a tool that I use in almost every showing.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Google Maps, it is a free service provided by Google that allows you to search for locations of addresses, businesses, or famous locations all over the world. You can use your computer to view a map view, an overhead  satellite view, or more commonly these days, a street view of wherever you need to go.

 So how does this help in the real estate industry? For someone like me who has to drive to areas I have never been to before, this is an invaluable tool. It helps me as a Realtor to correct order the home showing order when I take a client out , saving us all gas and time. But there are many more additional ways that Google Maps can help a home buyer.

Here's a list of what my home buyers have used Google Maps for:

  • Map View - You will be able to get a fairly good idea how far important things  like schools, parks, shopping, bus stops, and restaurants are via the overhead map view. You will also be able to locate walking paths that you may not have otherwise noticed.
  • Driving Time - Home buyers are able to see how long on average it should take them and distance wise to get from a prospective new home to family's homes, friends, work, their favorite shopping spot, or just about anywhere else they commute to on a regular basis. Something like this has saved my home buyers countless hours of extra time on the road each year!
  • Traffic Information - Google Maps know has up to the minute traffic flow information for home buyers to see how congested rush hour traffic to and from work would be.
  • Street View - Having a street view look around a home you are interested in may produce important information such as parking issues, recent renovations or damage to a home that you were not aware of, and other neighborhood tendencies.
  • Timeline - Google Maps updates their street view photos on a fairly regular basis, but keeps them available with the date stamp so that people can see how an area has changed over time. The timeline street view tool can also be used to track development in newer areas as well as in older, established areas.

Technology like that produced by Google Maps has really changed how home buyers can become informed about the hoe and area they want to move to. I always suggest that you use Google Maps for excellent information as part of the home buying process!

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