Home Reno Diary Part 7 - Creating the Right Framework

Posted by Jerad Cox on Saturday, June 4th, 2016 at 2:45pm.

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate – Making sure that you have a good clean slate to renovate your home on is vital to maximizing efficiency. It’s a fine balance – a home renovator must make sure that they are stripping away enough of the old without wasting components that could have stayed, wasting time, energy, and money to replace. In our latest renovation project we faced the exact situation – and had some unexpected surprises in doings so.

For our project, we thought that it was pretty straight forward – strip everything. A lot of this decision had to do with the fact that we had asbestos throughout the home – it was the insulation in the attic, the glue AND the flooring in a lot of locations in the home, and throughout a lot of the ductwork in the home as well. We had electrical not up to code and ancient plumbing and drainage - so, it was easy for us to take it all out.

One of the things that we did want to keep for a few years was the roof – the inspector was sure that there were a few years left in the old shingles, and there seemed to be no bending or curling of the shingles. 3 weeks after we took possession, it rained – and there were 7 pools of water in our new home! A check to a roofing expert revealed that the old shingles had been nailed down – and were well beyond their serviceable life. So…we had to bite the bullet and have the roof replaced. The really good news from this was that this was found out before we had done anything to the inside – if we had added any components we could have had water damage and had to do it again a second time. Lucky! We were not happy with the extra expense, but knew that it could be so much worse.

There were also other components of our home reno that we had hoped to delay but ended up getting done sooner rather than later, including the eavestroughs, all of the windows on the main floor, and some fence repairs. There were also a few issues in the basement – making sure that the underground drainage were in good working order and that we could setup a future basement bath.

Once we had everything completed, it was clear that we had a solid frame – or ‘great bones’ as so many real estate experts aspire to – before adding to it to add value.

The key to getting your home stripped and ready for home renos is that you prepare for the worst and hope the for the best – and have the budget for both. In any scenario, remember that any home renovation you take part in has risks – in the assessment, contracting, and completion of the project!

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