Home Reno Diary Part 6 - What to Save

Posted by Jerad Cox on Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 at 9:22am.

Home Recycling
Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The home renovation process was very fun - but is also a series of very serious decisions that can make or lose home owners thousands of dollars. This is especially true when renovating an old home with issues such as asbestos. Our home demo and reno last year had such a series of decisions, where we tried to save some things and demo or junk other things. I was surprised what was reused, and a little disappointed about what we couldn't save.

There were quite a few things that we knew were going to be kept and sold to antiques dealers to use in other homes. Some of these things included the antique doors, glass doorknobs and hardware. We also had a very cool looking bar that was made locally here in Edmonton in the 1950's that we were able to salvage and sell to an antique dealer as well. The neatest part of what we kept were things that we never expected to find - like pictures of 1940's pinup girls from a 1946 calendar that the contractors glued to the foundation and a beautiful pair of ladies moccasins. I was surprised by what friends and family repurposed. My dad got very excited with all of the 1970's fake wood pressboard walls in the basement - he took an entire 10 foot by 14 foot room's worth of it out for use in the shed at the cabin. A neighbor came through and asked of some of the basement materials, while a local street person came through and asked to be able to sort through all of the junk that we left in the back alley, and then he would organize nicely for the garbage trucks.

Some other things I thought that I could save or repurpose, but it didn't work out. Our subfloors couldn't be left alone once they were stripped away and I have to try to re-level it with thin set before putting up the flooring. The biggest disappointment was with our hardwood flooring. We desperately wanted to save and replenish the flooring to its glory days - and I spent quite a few hours prepping and stripping and sanding the floors to be able to refinish them to where we needed to have them. Unfortunately there was simply too much damage too them from water and other things to be able to refinish, and we ended up having to cover the hardwood back up with carpet. Ouch!

At the end of the day, the most important thing when trying to repurpose old home components is that it is still functional and useful. We were able to do what we could in this area, and what we didn't use ourselves we made sure could be used by others. There are always homes out there that could use a door or fixture that you no longer need!

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