Home Reno Diary Part 4 - Possession Day

Posted by Jerad Cox on Monday, May 9th, 2016 at 9:33am.

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - There is nothing more exciting than possession day in real estate. The anticipation of a new beginning, the excitement of finally getting into a new home - it's fantastic! It's a little different when you are renovating the home, however. The same excitement and anticipation is there, but there is also some underlying dread of 2 things: 1) how sore and tired you're going to get over the next few weeks/months, and 2) worry about what unexpected issues may pop up once demo starts.

We had all of these feelings on that bright, sunny, morning last July when I got the call that keys were released and we were officially owners of the home. There was no doubt that I was excited, planned, and prepared, but we had A LOT of work to do.

Outside we had to take down 5 overgrown cedars that were too close to the foundation, cut back the lower 15 feet of branches from the 3 large pine trees that were on the property, tear down the 400 sq ft pool house, the 400 sq ft shop next to the garage, and the covered patio attached to the home (these were all mandated by the city of Edmonton as none were applied for nor complied with code). We also had to clean these structures out of 50 years of items, as well as the double garage which was left with approximately 500 tools, knick knacks, and pieces of junk, as well as the attic.

Inside we had hired contractors to remediate the asbestos and plaster walls throughout the building, but before they could do that we had to prepare the area. This meant that we had 7 days to take out all of the items we wanted to save in the house.

Here are some of the photos of what it looked like the day we walked in:


As you can see, the living room had not been touched for years, maybe decades. The carpet was literally disintegrating as we walked on it with our boots.


The fireplace was being torn out as well, as it was simply an insert at this stage and there was an excellent chance that ducting had asbestos containing materials.


The kitchen had a gas stove, a ceiling with serious water damage (which we did not find out about until later) and original kitchen cabinets.


This is the best photo that I could get given the tight quarters of the bathroom. One word - YIKES!


Here is the backyard - as I mentioned, the buildings all had to come down - which we planned on doing when the asbestos remediation was going on in the house and we couldn't work in there any longer.


So as you can see, possession day was a mixed bag for us. We had a HUGE list of what needed to be done in phase one of the project, and were willing to put the work in. We had family and friends who were more than willing to come and break stuff for free, and we were ready to get after it. I wish I had the same sense of energy and optimism every day of the reno as I did on possession day!

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