Home Buying - Am I Sure This is the Right Home?

Posted by Jerad Cox on Monday, June 22nd, 2015 at 7:17am.

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In every home buying transaction, there is a 'jump off' point where  a home buyer makes the leap to purchase the right home. This is often the point where home buyers become the most insecure about their decision.

Is this a good choice?

What could go wrong?

Have I double and triple checked everything I need to?

The key to these answers is your preparation and all the work you have put in before this decision. I would compare it to a long distance road trip. If you have your map and your route in hand, but are you driving down a road you have never been on to a destination you have never been to, how do you know you are on the right path? The answer is in the work you have put in beforehand to make sure you get to the right destination.

The same is true when buying a home!

You should be satisfied with both the 'facts' and the 'feelings' of the purchase in order to move forward.

The facts are the non-emotional pieces of information that you know to be true about the property. These are things like home size, number of beds/baths/parking stalls, access to necessities such as schools, food, and transportation, convenience of area, and solidity of the investment based on the comparables in the area. Your needs and wants list could also be used as part of this section as well.

The feelings have more to do with the way the property and neighborhood makes you feel and the comfort level you have with making an offer. When you walk in to the home does it make you feel excited or exhausted by the possibilities? Are you happy with the noise, the neighbors, and the amount of sunlight that enters the home? You should also be certain that you feel confident about making the choice to write an offer. Some people think that indecision is "maybe later", but what it really is is a 'no'. Only a firm 'yes' should be clear in your decision, and there should be an absence of fear or worry about doing so. Excitement, yes, absolutely, but fear, no. What happens most often with my home buying clients is almost a sense of calm, peace, and confidence comes over them when they make their decision.

These facts and feelings you have when it is time to make an offer is a result of  the planning, research, and preparation you have put into your home buying journey. The more prepared a home buyer has made themselves in the pre-qualifying, pre-shopping, and shopping stages, the more confident their 'yes' will be. In fact, the preparation will result in a  more confident 'no' as well, and for the same reasons.

So what happens if you get to the buying decision and you're not certain?

Take a step back. Remember - buying a home is one of the most impactful things that you can do in your life, from a financial and lifestyle perspective. If you are not certain, you do not need to make a decision.

Home buyers - may your "yeses" be "yeses" and "nos" be "nos" when buying the right home!

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