Finding the Right Realtor

Posted by Jerad Cox on Monday, November 3rd, 2014 at 7:49am.

Finding the right Realtor™ to help you is a great first step in the home buying process. Establishing a relationship with a real estate professional you can trust will take a lot of doubts out of your mind when it comes down to their expertise during the important stages of parts of home buying such as property selection and negotiation.

 This is especially true if you are a first time home buyer or have not bought a home in some time. First time home buyers can get the education they need from their Realtor™ in the early stages of home buying and can ask as many questions as possible to help them feel confident. That's why there is almost never too early for first time home buyers to find a good Realtor™ and start the learning process.

Experienced home buyers  who have purchased homes 10 or more years ago often are surprised by how drastically things have changed since they last bought a property. They are often go into 'sticker price shock' when they see what homes are selling for in Edmonton today, and when I tell them about the steps they have to take to make a home purchase they are glad that I am there to guide them through it.

Here are 5 things you should look for in when choosing a Realtor™:

  1. A Realtor™ that is experienced - How many of you would be comfortable taking a plane trip with a first time pilot? The same bodes true for a newly licensed Realtor™. An experienced Realtor™ will be able to calm any fears you have, answer almost any question you may have.
  2. A Realtor™ that communicates well - The majority of those who share their 'bad' Realtor experiences with me talk about how they felt ignored or not listened to. Having someone who both delivers information and listens to your needs effectively is important.
  3. A Realtor™ willing to serve your needs - The real estate business is a service business first and foremost. It is impossible for 1 Realtor™ to serve 25 different clients' needs at the same time. Make sure you select a Realtor™ that can serve your needs on your schedule.
  4. A Realtor™ who is resourceful - A Realtor™ who looks at solving challenges in a variety of ways, including 'out of the box' ways that may be seen a unconventional, shows a problem solving skill that helps decrease the numbers of problems you will have when you buy a home.
  5. A Realtor™ with a heart of a teacher - The benefits of working with a Realtor™ with the heart of a teacher is twofold - not only will they take the time to make sure you learn what you need to make a good decision, but they are also often lifetime learners themselves - staying on top of the latest trends and statistics. It's a win- win situation!

The most important thing to remember  when finding the right Realtor™ is  you are the boss and they are the employee!

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