Finding a Place to Exercise in Edmonton

Posted by Jerad Cox on Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 at 7:47am.

Edmonton Exercise

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - This time of year usually finds me looking for a place to exercise in the Edmonton area, mostly to address the extra layer of 'padding' I put on sometime between Christmas and Valentines Day. I usually look for a place that interests me, that has clean, well maintained equipment, as well as people that make me feel welcome when I am there. Don't get me wrong - I am there for the workout only, and very little socializing. Like most people, my struggle is to get started, which is why I always try and vary where I go and what I do for my physical exercise needs.

There are a few options when looking for a place to workout - primarily broken down into 3 groups:

  • Private Gyms - These are located all over the city, everywhere from the downtown core to the fringes of the Anthony Henday. Usually these gyms will have all of your basic weight training and cardio equipment, as well as some unique options such as group classes, personal training sessions, steam room, sauna, child care, 24 hour access, and more. These gyms can vary in price from only $10/month to over $100/month and more, depending on the level of options and service you prefer. Make sure to do your research on these before making a decision!
  • City Of Edmonton Facilities - Provided by the city of Edmonton, these recreation centres are a mix of exercise and leisure areas. Some are dedicated solely to 1 activity, such as swimming or skating, while newer complexes being built have many of the same amenities of a private gym as well as ice sheets and swimming areas. There are both drop in and monthly rate options with the city, so you can try a variety of different locations before making a decision on a home base to exercise out of.
  • Outside - There are numerous outdoor groups that get together in the outdoors to take part in exercise focused around the great outdoors. Whether its run clubs in warmer weather or cross country skiing or nordic walking in the winter, there are numerous different options for those who want to make the great outdoors and nature as the focus of their exercise program. With our beautiful river valley system, who can blame them?

I also wanted to mention briefly the emergence of some interesting programs that have emerged in Edmonton over the past few years. These organizations include the November Project, who have VERY early morning workouts in and around town for free, as well as Free Footy, a program that provides free organized soccer. Finally, the Edmonton Sport and Social Club is a group that revolves activities for its members allowing for a nice mixture of team and individual activities to take part in throughout the year. Might be worth checking them out as an alternative to those options mentioned above!

No matter where you choose to go and workout, keeping it affordable and accessible will be your best bet to allow you to keep working on your physical and mental well being. The one thing for sure is that the city of Edmonton has tons of great exercise options for your fitness and wellness needs

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