Entering The Busy Season in Edmonton Real Estate

Posted by Jerad Cox on Saturday, June 10th, 2017 at 3:58pm.

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - As the weather warms, more people make the big decision to buy and or sell their home and make a change. There are plenty of good reasons to move during this time of year. It is an easier physical move in the warmer climates, there is an easier transition for schooling if you have kids in school, and there are opportunities to transition easier during a traditional vacation season. Things are even more busy if you are buying in areas like Edmonton Highlands or an Ice District condo.

Here are 3 quick things to keep in mind when you are going to move during the busy season:

  1. Be prepared - Have all of your documents prepared before you start the listing or buying process. For buyers that means being preapproved, having confirmation letters of employment, proof of bank funds, and any other documents that you require for your Realtor and/or Mortgage expert. For sellers this means a Real Property Report, a RMS official measurement, and having a place to go if your home sells quickly!
  2. Expect delays - There is a lot of people buying and selling this time of year. A LOT. So expect to have a few more delays with the differing aspects of the process.
  3. Be flexible and act quickly - You will need to be able to see or have your home shown very quickly, sometimes in an hour or less. THIS WILL HAPPEN. Be flexible and make home dream a priority - it could be very positive for you!

Talk to a real estate professional - that will always help you. Good luck and happy home hunting in the Edmonton real estate market!

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