Edmonton Real Estate and Technology in 2018

Posted by Jerad Cox on Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 at 6:27am.

Edmonton Real Estate Technology
Prime Edmonton Real Estate - I have been in Edmonton real estate for 20 years now, and if there's one thing that has changed more than anything in that time, it has been the role of technology and how people buy and sell their homes. Gone are the days of "White Pages" style catalogs coming out every two weeks, hustling over to individual brokers to hand pick up keys to then go and do showings, and all the other inefficient ways that we realtors used to do business.


These days, all I pretty much need is my phone. With the digitization of the Edmonton real estate market, everything is now a lot more efficient for those who have adapted to the new times. Not all the advancements have been good ones, but for the majority of the time, buyers and sellers now have a better experience buying or selling a home thanks to these real estate technologies.


So, what are some of my favourites? Well, having a key safe and an app on my cell phone that allows me access to any home for sale in Edmonton certainly is convenient. I also like the fact that I can get access to all the listings in my local area right from my phone in real-time as well. But I think for me, the biggest game changer has been document signing apps, such as DocuSign.  Gone are the days of faxing an offer back and forth 18 times. By the time the lawyers receive it at the end of the deal, the printing and signatures are basically illegible. Now with digital means of signing, all true copies are kept as crisp and clear as the original.


A lot of people have complained that having all of this technology has made it less of a personal experience. As always, Edmonton realtors, have exceeded the past personal connection through the use of technology. Websites like this and social media avenues such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow people to get a really good sense of the person they are dealing with on a more personal level. They see where they can connect with their realtor in a way that traditionally had been done with face-to-face coffee meetings in the past. Now don't get me wrong, I still love my coffee meetings! But technology has allowed people to learn more about real estate agents in Edmonton before they choose who they work with. They are also able to obtain information much quicker than they have in the past from those websites.


So, what's the next stage in technology? We are already seeing it with virtual reality tours of Edmonton homes for sale, drone flybys of Edmonton neighborhoods with listing marketing, and many more innovations. Speaking of next stages, I am very excited to be launching my next phase of social media, a YouTube page and a podcast!  It won't just be your standard realtor stuff that talks about all the things with Edmonton real estate.  We'll also talk about lifestyle things such as sports, food (of course), and a few other fun and neat things as well!


The nature of technology in Edmonton real estate in 2018 is clearly changing, and will continue to change as people adapt to the new way in which we live - which is primarily on our mobile devices.

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