Edmonton K Days - Combining Past, Present and Future

Posted by Jerad Cox on Monday, July 23rd, 2018 at 6:33am.

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Edmonton comes alive in the summer with many festivals and events, but Kdays is over and above the biggest and the best summer festival in Edmonton. This past Friday I gave a pair of admission passes for some lucky Edmonton festival goer to enjoy and the response was awesome!

What makes Kdays such a cool place to go to? Well I think that it combines the nostalgia of adults' memories of attending as a child as well as innovative ideas that capture the imagination of today's kids.

Everyone has a favorite Kdays memory, or ten! I have lots of great memories of my times there, from childhood going with my dad to going by myself as a teenager to taking my kids as an adult. But my all time favorite memory? Going on the Zipper when I was 10 years old with my sister and dad, getting stuck at the top of the ride, and then my dad (who is a large man and probably should not have been on the ride) getting stuck inside the cage because his legs were too muscular and had locked the safety bar. And did I mention that it was 30 degrees and we were melting? Funny how something as simple like has stuck with me all those years...

The nostalgia aspect for us adults has been taking the form of the awesome musical acts that Kdays has coming in. This past weekend saw the Beach Boys give their good vibration beach boy rock vibes and  Ice Cube share his old school hip hop vibes with the YEG music audience, and there is also a packed lineup including throughout the festival. Want rock? Cheap Trick is there. Want Disco? The Village People are there. And of course, there are some of the classic rides that harken childhood fun ("DO YOU WANT TO GO FASTER"????!!!!?????)

Some of the cool innovations and changes are in the way of new activities and food! In the past few years Kdays have really embraced First Nations culture within the festival. The Kdays Pow wow is a very cool event inside of the Kdays event that allow First Nations people celebrate their culture while sharing it with all. This year they even have Goat Yoga - where you can practice Yoga with goats! Kdays has also added a lot of unique carnival eats that test your endurance (3 lb hamburger anyone?) or your taste  buds (cricket based food). This year is no exception, as there are now award winning street corn, chicken heart,  super french fry, and deep fried coffee options as well.

What is your favorite Kdays memory? Comment below or hit up my Twitter or Facebook page and let me know there. 
Edmonton Kdays is here - make sure you come and enjoy one of Edmonton's best summer festivals!

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