Edmonton Homes Yards in Bloom Contest - and How You Can Make Your Yard Look Great on the Cheap!

Posted by Jerad Cox on Thursday, July 12th, 2018 at 8:27am.

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - It's that time of year again in Edmonton, where homeowners work diligently on their yards to make them look like a beautiful oasis. My mom and dad always had an excellent yard growing up, with meticulous grass, well pruned shrubs, and an array of beautiful flowers. But man, is it a lot of work - and expensive!
I'll talk more about how to save money to spruce up your garden down below...
Did you know that the City of Edmonton has a Yards in Bloom contest every year? Anyone can nominate a neighbors yard for this award. In fact, they even have tours to show people all of the nominees and some of the cool stuff they are doing in their yards!
The qualifications are simple:
  • Anyone can nominate a front yard.
  • You can't nominate your own yard, but you can ask a friend or neighbor to nominate your yard.
  • Front yards in bloom should be in full view from the sidewalk - not hidden with wooden fence or locked gates.
  • Yards should have easy access to the walkway of the yard for volunteers to place a sign.
  • Yards must contain at least 25% non-turf plants.
I know my parents' mail carrier nominated them a few years back - and although they didn't win, it sure did feel good for them to have their little sign out there saying they had been nominated!

Now - here is what you came for - ways to get your yards spruced up on the cheap! Here's my top 3 tips:

1 - Do the work yourself when you can - a no brainer, I know, but it will cut down your costs by 50% or more. Just don't hurt yourself in the process, ok?

2 - Do the work in stages - Have a plan, but don't try to do the whole thing in one summer. Add bits and pieces each year to save money, and your back!

3 - Know when/where the sales are for the stuff you need - Now here's the biggest one. Because of our short summers, people rip out at snow melt to buy plants and trees for their yards. May is the WORST time to buy price wise. A great time to buy is mid-July and then again at end of season. I just went to a local hardware chain store and bought shrubs at 6 for the price of 1 because they were clearing them out! And I do it each year - it's not uncommon for me to pick up shrubs that cost $20 in May for $1 or $2 in July through September. Now just make sure that they can be transplanted later on in the year - but other than that you're set!

With these 3 tips, over time, your Edmonton home could be nominated for Yards in Bloom - and it will be a great advantage for you when the time comes to put your home up for sale!

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