Edmonton Home Buying: Alexa, Google Home and Your Privacy During Showings

Posted by Jerad Cox on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018 at 3:30pm.

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Ever heard of Alexa? How about Google Home? Well, if you are an Edmonton home buyer you should learn a bit about them and how they might be tracking your home shopping trips.

For those of you who don't know, Alexa and Google Home are the next wave of in home 'smart' products engineered to automate our everyday lives. So how would this affect a home buyer when they are out on showings?

Simple. They might be recording you. And they could be using what they record against you.

See, Alexa and Google Home have to being able to hear people's voices to do their jobs, and they also have recording features. So, it is very feasible that a home owner can have their devices on 'record' mode when you step into their place to view it.

Creepy? A little bit.

Now the other side of the coin is that they are simply keeping their home secure and that they are allowed to record whatever they want in their own property. What would be the difference between Alexa and an interior security system tracking your every move? Not a lot.

It's still unsettling to think that seller's might be recording your comments. On a personal note, I am terrified about what might have been recorded without my knowledge when I have been taking my clients through a property for sale.  As it is a rather new technology, it also has not really gone through the rigors of legal tests and the inevitable lawsuits that will arise when people believe that they have been improperly (and illegally) recorded without permission.

It could also possibly give sellers the upper hand in negotiations because they have heard very clearly about how much you love the place.

So how do you combat that? And now that you know about this possibility, how would this change what you say when in a potential new home for you?

I have been informing my buyer clients about this fact, making them aware that this is a possibility is any home we go into. I try to have them discuss the property once we have left the home and have met back out on the sidewalk or in the vehicle.

It's one more thing to take into consideration when looking for your Edmonton dream home.



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