Easy Tips to Update Your Home in Spring

Posted on Sunday, July 12th, 2015 at 11:29pm.

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Spring time allegedly is the best time to clean your house.. Either you clean up your entire house, or you update it in a strategic way. Updating can be inexpensive and gives a new feel to your house and acts as a final goodbye to the frosty winters.

Update your interiors using any or all of the tips given below:

  1. New Paint

The simplest way to update any room is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Color a single wall with a bright, warm color or a spring pastel and experience the change of mood in the room. Be sure to look up the color and their effects on mood before finalising.

  1. Wallpaper

Apart from painting your wall, you could put up a nice wallpaper, probably those which are removable later. You can also try to decorate the insides and back-wall of your closets and bookshelves with wallpaper or printed paper. Voila! A fancy closet and sleek look to your room.

  1. Flowers

Think spring, think flowers. What better way to update and give your room the spring feel other than putting fresh flowers in a fancy container (that's the latest trend). Not only does it give a fresh look to the room, but also a good scent to your house.

  1. Frames

Frames and artworks can spice up a plain Jane wall and give it a sophisticated appearance.

  1. Lighting

A single lamp can do wonders to brighten up any corner of your room. Invest in good bulbs which emit good light and are also energy efficient. Fancy bulb holders & lamp shades are a rage.

  1. Declutter and organise

A clean home is still messy if the items are unorganized. Declutter old items, papers and clothes, and organize everything into baskets or unconventional containers. It will make your house look organized and clean, and elegant.

  1. Furniture

You dont have to take drastic steps when it comes to giving your house an update. A quick change in the fabric of the throw pillows, or changing the bedsheets can also feel good. Rearrange the present furniture, bring in the accessories. Doing just that gives a new feel to the room.

Spruce up your decor with these quick and easy tips, which not only give a fresh feel but, also, if you are considering selling your house after a few years, it could be beneficial in getting prospective buyers.

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