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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Ever heard of Alexa? How about Google Home? Well, if you are an Edmonton home buyer you should learn a bit about them and how they might be tracking your home shopping trips.

For those of you who don't know, Alexa and Google Home are the next wave of in home 'smart' products engineered to automate our everyday lives. So how would this affect a home buyer when they are out on showings?

Simple. They might be recording you. And they could be using what they record against you.

See, Alexa and Google Home have to being able to hear people's voices to do their jobs, and they also have recording features. So, it is very feasible that a home owner can have their devices on 'record' mode when you step into their place to view

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Edmonton Real Estate Technology
Prime Edmonton Real Estate - I have been in Edmonton real estate for 20 years now, and if there's one thing that has changed more than anything in that time, it has been the role of technology and how people buy and sell their homes. Gone are the days of "White Pages" style catalogs coming out every two weeks, hustling over to individual brokers to hand pick up keys to then go and do showings, and all the other inefficient ways that we realtors used to do business.


These days, all I pretty much need is my phone. With the digitization of the Edmonton real estate market, everything is now a lot more efficient for those who have adapted to the new times. Not all the advancements have been good ones, but for the majority of the time, buyers and

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - This past week in Edmonton, we saw quite the wind storm.  I mentioned in an Instagram story that it can actually end up causing tons of damage to your home and your pocketbook.

Nobody loves the wind, rain or snow that we get in severe amounts, but having it cause issues in and around your home is even worse!

Here are a few tips to prevent big issues with severe weather:

1. Protect the North and West first

This is especially true for severe weather in that most of the heavy rain, whipping wind and blowing snow that we receive comes from either the north or the west.  Can you even remember the last time that we had a strong wind from the south?  It might happen every couple of years tops.  So for things like window

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Yesterday, I stopped by my clients sold condo in Millwoods to give him his house warming gift for his new home in Beaumont and to collect keys for the condos new owner. While the idea of moving into a new home is exciting it is also met with an inevitable daunting task, moving!    Over the years, I have found a few tips and tricks to help home buyers move in a way that's a little less painful. Because let's be honest, who really loves the process of moving?
Here are my top five tips:
5. Make sure your moving vehicle is big enough so that you only have to take one trip.
Psychologically, the move is so much easier if you only do it in one trip. Cost-wise, renting a giant 27-foot truck really isn't more expensive than renting…
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Edmonton home buyers and sellers have recently been confronted with the new reality of higher mortgage interest rates after many years of historic lows.  When the federal government instituted the mortgage stress test last year, I predicted that mortgage rates would be going up. And in a hurry. They have increased even higher than the 4.5% that was set with the stress test.  So far, it looks like my predictions is coming to fruition.

Now having said that, Canadians have enjoyed very low interest rates for many years now.  This has allowed people to borrow higher amounts for the same payment that they would be paying for less money back in the early 2000's.

So what does this mean for somebody who is wanting to buy an Edmonton home this summer? 

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My grandpa, on my dad's side, owns a farm up in Northwestern Alberta. He is a hard-working man who was still farming and calving into his early 80's. I try to get up there once or twice a year for a visit.   I certainly didn't expect to get real estate tips from him.  However, by observing what he was doing as he got older, I was able to do just that. The key thing that he taught me was how to create secondary income within the property that you own.   So how did he do it?    Well, as he got into his 60's and 70's, he was getting a little too tired to be able to farm full time. So rather than sell his farm he decided to lease the land out to his neighbors and others in the community, under a condition. He mandated in the lease, he…
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When we were kids, we knew nothing about real estate. The only thing we needed was a place to rest our head at the end of a long day and hopefully a neighborhood that had a lot of kids our age that we could play with.

I always thought that my first childhood home would be the house we would live in until I was old enough to move out and buy my own. I never knew the concept of moving from one house to another. Until I was 5 years old and my grandpa decided to sell is acreage.

When he sold his acreage, he taught me a great lesson about the importance of supply and demand in real estate.

The city of Edmonton had decided to expand the LRT system.  A bridge needed to be built over top of my grandpa's acreage to help ease the driving traffic that would

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  You know, a lot of us learn things when we are little that we don't realize the importance of until we get older. For me, this is especially true of lessons learned from both my grandfathers.   Over the next couple of blogs, I am going to talk about a couple of key things that my grandfathers taught me about real estate that have really impacted me as an adult. There are two main reasons for my focus. First,  I think that their advice, or the way that they lived 50 years ago or more, contain lessons that people can still learn from today.  Second, is that it's a nice way to be able to honor them, as we all should honor our grandparents.   Today, I want to touch on a very simple but effective way that my grandpa taught my mom how to…
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Home buying in Edmonton has become a lot more challenging over the past 18 months or so. The combination of the change in our economy as well as rising interest rates and federal guideline changes to mortgages have caused many house hunters in Edmonton to reconsider the type of home they are purchasing. Whether it is a small apartment for revenue income, a first-time home purchase for a young couple or family, or a retirement property with low maintenance, home buyers are looking at their purchase differently today. However, there are some things that stay true in the home-buying process no matter what the market is or the situation of the buyer.

There are three timeless tips that will help you buy smarter today and in the future.

1.  Make sure that

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - As Edmonton has seen developers build in the outskirts of the city, one of the complaints has been the lack of community space and space to enjoy the outdoors. In the past, communities were built with both larger lots for people to enjoy backyard space as well as the odd playground and community league for recreation and community based activities.

Through the late 1990's and into the 2000's, as developers stock more houses on smaller lots, the need for that communal recreation space has increased.

Summerside, in South Edmonton, responded by creating something special.

If you go through the community of Summerside today, you will see numerous lakes, walking paths, tons of small playground areas for small children and

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