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It is helpful for Edmonton home buyers to know the importance of the preparation necessary when buying a home. The majority of home buyers believe that they are ready write an offer when they first start looking at homes with me, but often after I ask them a few questions they quickly realize that they are not quite as prepared as they believe they are.

Being prepared to write an offer as a home buyer means that you are both prepared financially and that you are prepared with the professionals who will help with the purchase.


You have your down payment in your bank account and a cheque or money order prepared for the deposit cheque. If the down payment is coming from you own funds you have proof that it has been in your bank account

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Many years ago Craig MacTavish, then the coach of the Edmonton Oilers, used the phrase "paralysis by analysis" when describing the way the organization had focused so much on getting information that they were paralyzed to do anything with that information. This phrase was something I instantly connected and related to within the field of real estate, as I have seen it time and time again with home buyers.  

I wish I could say that I have never personally experienced this feeling myself, but I am guilty of this as well in a few different situations - one is Christmas present buying, and the other is buying cereal. In both scenarios I am never satisfied with the decision I make, because of the sheer number of other  decisions I could have made

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Everybody is aware of the 5 senses - taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing, but are surprised to learn that smell is often the sense that is most overlooked sense when viewing a home. Humans' sense of smell are not our primary sense like a dogs, but can be a great guide to issues that may be in the home. By paying attention to your sense of smell when you go through a home may help you select that perfect home!

Your sense of smell can be vital in the following areas:

Dank Smells in the Basement - this is can be an indicator of water issues in the basement, sewer drainage issues. These smells magnify in the summer as the weather warms and smells waft a little stronger. The smell is similar to that or a washing machine that has had a wet load in

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The importance of reading the documents involved in buying a home cannot be overstated. There have been a tenfold increase in the number of documents necessary in the home buying process, but by knowing more about these documents you will feel more comfortable when it comes time to write an offer

Listen, I get it. Contrary to the photo above, nobody actually likes more paperwork. But it is vital to a smooth real estate transaction.

When I first meet a client looking to buy a home, I always try to supply a blank copy of the documents that my home buyers will be required to sign in advance so that they can read them in a no pressure environment and have the time to ask me questions about the documents or hypothetical situations around them.

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The Edmonton community of The Hamptons is quickly establishing itself as one of the top new neighborhoods in Edmonton to live. Developed in the last 10 to 12 years in conjunction with the construction of the Anthony Henday, it continues to be a hotbed for new construction. The area is now fully equipped with many of the commercial and community amenities to make it a place that is desirable to live. There were 25 single family homes in The Hamptons Edmonton sold and 5 condominium style properties sold in The Hamptons Edmonton in the month of October. The specific sales are as follows:

There are currently 45 home listings in The Hamptons Edmonton that are still active - 2 lowrise apartments, 7 townhouses, 3 half duplexes, 1 vacant lot,

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Is there such a thing as the best way for home buyers save a down payment? Well, in my opinion, yes there is. But what is it?

Most home buyers  believe that a minimum down payment of 5% is the normal requirement needed for the purchase of most properties. Although this may be the case for the majority of home purchases, it is not always the case. One the one end of the spectrum, all investment properties in Canada require a minimum 20% down payment(As of late 2010). There are also similar guidelines should you want to purchase a recreation property.

At the other end of the spectrum are options that would require much less than 5% in hand for a down payment. Here are a few of those options:

  • RRSP Use for down payment - You may use any RRSP
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Knowing the role the deposit cheque plays in home buying includes where that money goes, where it comes from, what is applied towards, and rules surrounding it. The most frequent question I get from new home buyers regarding the deposit is "Is it an extra cost on top of the purchase price?". The quick answer to this is no. So how exactly does the deposit cheque in real estate work?

The deposit cheque forms part of the offer and is placed immediately in seller's brokerages' trust account once final acceptance occurs. It shows the home seller that the home buyer is serious about buying the home and fulfilling the terms of the agreement. Many real estate brokerages will require that the deposit cheque be certified if there is less than a 30 day period

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One of the biggest differences in the real estate business over the past 15 to 20 years is how home buyer offer presentations have changed. Back then the majority of the process was face to face. I would meet my buyers and fill out the paperwork and then contact the seller's Realtor. I would then have a meeting with the sellers and their Realtor. I would make a full presentation regarding my buyers, the home, and the offer. If there was a multiple offer situation, or if my buyers were in a time crunch, it was not unheard of for the buyers to wait outside the property in my vehicle while I presented the offer to show their commitment to buying the home. I remember the first time I tried to fax an offer to a fellow Realtor. It was sometime in the late

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Edmonton Highlands is consistently recognized as one of the best neighborhoods in Edmonton to live. Formed over 100 years ago, this thriving area has a great mix of new and older homes, as well as picturesque streetscapes and river valley views.There were 10 single family homes in Edmonton Highlands sold in the month of October. The specific sales are as follows:


ADDRESS                    PROPERTY  TYPE     LIST PRICE          SALE PRICE         DAYS

11252- 50 Street              Single Family Home        $299900                $285000                37

11308 - 66 Street             Single Family Home        $315900                $310000                49

11420 - 62 Street             Single Family Home        $349900               

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There are numerous benefits to knowing how home showings work, and is a very easy procedure to learn. When you indicate to your Realtor that you are interested in viewing a property or series of properties, you should also have a day and time period in mind. It is also most efficient to keep your showings centered in a particular area of the city. Having showings all over the city is the number one time and energy waster in the home viewing process due to the increased traffic and driving time involved.

Once you give these details to your Realtor ®, they go ahead and contact the home seller's Realtor ® and make arrangements for the showings via phone, email or text. There is a secured keybox on site at the property that will be used to enter the

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