5 Things I Learned By Growing an Urban Garden

Posted by Jerad Cox on Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 at 4:36pm.

Urban Garden

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - I loved my backyard garden - or urban garden, which is the new, hip, term to use for it these days. Call me old fashioned(or just old) but when I was a kid, my mom just called it a garden. I remember being 5 or 6 years old and having a garden in the back yard - and 2 things in particular - 1) don't ever eat anything in the garden unless your parents told you! and 2) my mom seemed to be fussing around it all the time. Fast forward 30 some odd years, and 5 years of dreaming and scheming about having one in my backyard, and it became a reality.

Here's 5 things I learned About Having a garden in the backyard:

  1. The start up to create your garden area can be as small or as big as you want. For us, it was done out of necessity. We had 30 cubic yards of dirt sitting in our backyard as part of the prep work for pouring the garage pad. I refused to pay the contractor $1000 to haul away perfectly good dirt, and instead built a 3 foot high by 3 foot wide by 50 foot long garden container.
  2. The quality of your soil is key. we were lucky that the past occupant of the house had a large areas for flowers, plants, and roses, so the soil was still very nice and receiving of any seed we placed down. Of course, we helped it along with a bit of soil conditioner to help growing conditions optimal.
  3. A garden is beautiful and practical. Not only does a garden beautify our yard, it feeds us quite well. Our produce bills went down 50% in the summer and fall as we would simply pull from the garden to add the vegetables to our supper.
  4. Having a garden made me feel better. There were 3 things I enjoyed most about having a garden. One was looking outside in the morning with a coffee in my hand and looking at how everything was growing. The other was the satisfaction I got eating a vegetable that I grew in the backyard. Thirdly, it was incredibly rewarding to show my young daughter how vegetables were made from seed to table.
  5. It's not as much watering as you think. Timing watering for dusk (around 9 or 10pm) or pre-sunrise (around 5 or 6am) allowed the water to get where it needed to go rather than evaporate in the hot summer sun, cutting down the amount that we watered to about a 1/3 or what I thought it would take.

Like anything around the house, starting a garden is a commitment, and time and care (and a little bit of money) will need to be invested. I can certainly vouch for the fact . Hopefully your experience will be as good as ours as this summer you join the growing number of Edmonton families choosing to have an urban garden as part of their yard!

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