December 2015

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LED Lighting

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - We all take for granted that when we flick a light switch, that lighting will turn on to help guide our way around the house. Don't believe me? Think back to the last time a storm knocked out your electricity. Ever since the light bulb was invented for commercial use by Thomas Edison 125 years ago, there has been those trying to improve it by making it brighter, cheaper to make, or longer lasting. Recently we have seen many different versions of lighting attempting LED lighting, or light emitting diode lighting, has been around in various forms since the 1960s, but recently has been the go to choice for commercial and residential lighting uses.

What makes LED lighting such a good choice for homeowners? Well, from a

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Home Addition

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - This past summer my wife and I decided to upsize our home. Our 1st home was awesome, and I had spent hundreds of hours adding a new garage, a garden and a lawn worthy of a gardening magazine. However, we wanted to expand our family and the home that we were in just wouldn't work should another baby arrive. We decided that we wanted a bigger home before becoming pregnant to help that process less stressful. Once we decided this, the first question for us was ' do we add an addition or do we move to something bigger?'.

We had a specific community that we wanted to stay in, as we had put down roots and developed friendships that would be hard to replicate. We also had invested our time into the community to make it a

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Contrary to public belief, there is more than one type of home ownership. Traditionally most people believe that you buy a home, and own the land all the way out to the street in the front and all the way back to the fence line (or alley) in the back. There are numerous forms of home ownership out there - everything from time shares to life leases and beyond. But let's highlight the 3 most common forms of home ownership types in Edmonton.

Single Family Home Ownership - This is a traditional form of ownership that sees a, home owner own both the land and buildings within the lot specified on title. I have had people try to convince me that it also gives them the licensed street area directly in front of the lot to park

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