September 2015

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the seller and the buyer, sometimes it is not possible for the home buyer to waive the conditions set out in the contract by the condition day. There are two reasons why you will not be able to waive conditions - 1) because you were unable to get the information needed to be able to waive conditions, or 2) you are unable to waive conditions because of information discovered during the condition period. So what does a home buyer do in this situation? Your options in this scenario are to either ask for an extension on the condition day set out in the contract or to sign the Condition - Non Waiver form and terminate the agreement in good faith.

Getting an Extension

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Waiving Home Conditions

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - There are always two forms I bring when I meet with my home buyers to waive buyers conditions.  One is a Condition Waiver Form, which tells the seller that the buyer(s) are removing all conditions and the home is sold, and the other one is the Condition Non-Waiver Form, which explains that 1 or more of the conditions cannot be removed, and that the deal is terminated. There are two forms that I bring for the buyers once they are ready to make their decision: The condition waiver and the condition non-waiver. They are exactly how they sound. The condition waiver means that you have been able to get financing, look through condo documents, and/or get a home inspection that confirms that this home is the home for them. Once

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Home Inspection

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The home inspection is the one of the more unnerving parts of the home buying process. By knowing what and inspector will (and won't) do, what your role is, and what to do with the results, you as a home buyer will be able to calm a lot of those fears.

A Brief Overview

A home inspector is a licensed professional who specializes in just that - home inspections. They should have the proper designations from the province of Alberta and have a fair bit of experience. The home inspection itself is set up by the buyer and is paid for by the buyer. The cost for home inspectins in today's market range anywhere from about $400 to up to $1500, with the average on the low end of that scale. Inspectors can do inspections any day

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