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Everyone loves a good movie – sitting back in your seat, taking in the action, and snacking on popcorn, and Edmonton has some great theatres too, from the vintage Garneau and Princess Cinemas to the adults-only, VIP experience in Windermere. Sometimes, though, you want to get a little closer to the action. Live-action plays provide an intimate, unique, and often spontaneous type of entertainment that can’t be found in a movie theatre. Luckily for Edmontonians, there are lots of opportunities to catch great live performances.

One such opportunity is Die-Nasty, a live improvised soap opera held at the Varscona Theatre on Monday nights. With a talented and hilarious cast, each season of the show features a different storyline. This season the cast is

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Living Local Edmonton

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Something that is easily lost if you live in a bigger city like Edmonton is the sense of local, sustainable living. Surrounded by traffic and noise, it can be difficult to find the feeling that an intimate, small community can bring. Luckily for Edmontonians, buying and living locally is made easy through Edmonton farmer’s markets. With everything from fresh produce to soaps, Edmontonians can feel good about the purchases they make while supporting local businesses. Whether you visit the Strathcona or 104 Street Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning, or Mother’s Market on a Sunday afternoon, there are plenty of great choices.

Now that we’re in summer, more and more farmer’s markets in Edmonton will be stocking fresh

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real estate negotiation

Prime Edmonton Real Estate -It is important that home buyers know that there are only a few main area for negotiation, unlike the commonly viewed belief that "everything is negotiable". This hasn't always been the case, but in today's real estate market, there are really only 4 main areas that a buyer must agree on for a deal to be completed.

These 4 items are:

1) Price - Of course! Price is often the most important area to negotiate on. Sellers want to make sure that they can the highest price possible, while buyers always look for the lowest price possible. A note to home buyers: trying an offer that is 90% of list price or lower is a non-starter. The only exceptions to this would be a distressed property or a property that is statistically

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Prime Edmonton Estate - The snow is melting away, the sunshine enters your house and brightens up your home. You have cleaned out your house by giving it swanky updates. Now, it's time for maintenance. When we start Spring-Conditioning our homes, it feels all good the first few weeks. Then we find leaks in the roof, the basement starts flooding and all the spring cleaning goes for a toss.

Today's focus will be on the maintenance of your 'new' Spring-Conditioned house.

Tips for Maintaining your house and decor post spring cleaning:

  1. Inspect your roof:

Once the snow starts melting, its time to check the roof for water damage and leakage to avoid big repairs later. Check for loose shingles and granules on the roof and take the

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Spring time allegedly is the best time to clean your house.. Either you clean up your entire house, or you update it in a strategic way. Updating can be inexpensive and gives a new feel to your house and acts as a final goodbye to the frosty winters.

Update your interiors using any or all of the tips given below:

  1. New Paint

The simplest way to update any room is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Color a single wall with a bright, warm color or a spring pastel and experience the change of mood in the room. Be sure to look up the color and their effects on mood before finalising.

  1. Wallpaper

Apart from painting your wall, you could put up a nice wallpaper, probably those which are removable

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Property taxes in Edmonton account for approximately half of the City's revenue to pay for services such as:

  • Police and fire protection,

  • Road maintenance and snow clearing,

  • Parks and swimming pools,

  • Public transit and

  • Neighbourhood infrastructure.

As a property owner in Edmonton, you receive a property tax notice every May. It indicates your share of municipal and education property taxes and the due date for payment.

What is the current tax rate?

This year, an average single-family home, assessed at $401,000, will pay $3,108 in property taxes.

While in December the City Council had planned to increase the rate by 5.7 percent. In April when the tax rates were declared, house owners were

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So, you have been searching for a new house. You made a list of things that the house must have, you've thought out your budget and you have a few favourites, among all the houses you saw that more or less fit the bill. Now, how do you know which house is the right one for you. Here's the thing - it is both an art and a science. There is no 1 thing that will magically get you to say 'YES! This is the one'. Rather it is a combination of factors. Go and visit your favourite homes you are considering once again and check for the signs below.

Here are 10 signs that will confirm that you've found the right house:

  1. Exterior of the house makes you want to go in:

You drive up the street and an exterior of a house compels you to step in and

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The long months of winter are gone, welcome the sunshine. Spring cleaning is done to clean out all the dust and staleness of winter. There's a fresh scent in the air, the birds are sweetly singing and the warm air is giving you renewed energy. And the idea of tackling spring cleaning—to spruce up the old nest—somehow doesn't seem as daunting when the weather turns nice. Every bit of home is scoured and cleaned; nothing is spared. Rugs, drapes, bedding, knick-knacks, floors, ceilings, everything gets a good cleaning.

To make the task fun and easy to tackle follow the tips mentioned to ensure a clean and neat home without breaking into sweat!

All rooms-

  1. Take it up room by room, top to bottom, inside out.

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Buying a house for the first time is a tedious process, the financial aspect is time consuming and also mentally draining.. However, if you are not careful enough, you may end up repenting living in a house that doesn't meet your expectations. Read on to know what mistakes people tend to make, which should be familiarized with before buying the house.

Following are the mistakes to avoid when buying the house:

  1. Relying only on one mortgage broker:

Mortgage payment may go on for many years, therefore, care should be taken that you choose your lender wisely. Talk to various lenders, find out the different types of loans available, study the rates and what affects them, and lastly, compare the fees charged by

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Buying a new home is a significant event in one's life. Shifting from renting a house to actually owning one can be overwhelming. Many people assume they know it all and are smart enough to deal with the financial part of the buying process. However, they tend to make mistakes that ushers an avalanche of financial problems on them.

If you are planning to buy a new home, then this guide will help you avoid mistakes that most people make when shopping for a new home:

Following are the mistakes to avoid:

  1. Treating the house like a short term investment:

Some people tend to buy houses for temporary living. Doing so is not a very good bet. This is because, the house value may or may not appreciate over time,

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