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Flipping houses has become an obsession nowadays. Simply go onto HGTV and watch any of the seemingly hundreds of shows that show you how easy it is to flip a home! Insert sarcasm here....  While flipping a house, there can be many things that can go wrong in a rush to make profit. Many people have begun to flip houses full time, and some have made tremendous profits. While, others have not been so lucky. In 2019 things have become more and more precise, and the room for error has become smaller and smaller. This article will help you look at the five biggest mistakes investors make in this market and how to avoid them.

  1. Not Doing Your Homework:

In order to know property prices in your area, you must do your homework and get familiar to

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Many homeowners are unwilling to pay a real estate agent on a home sale that isn't likely too profitable for them no matter what they do, as home prices continue to slump. Most people have heard of the well-publicized statistic that finds that when real estate agents sell their own homes, they tend to keep them on the market longer and get a higher sale price than when they sell homes for the clients. However, there are some less vile reasons why a real estate agent might be able to get a higher price for his or her own home.

  • Evaluating The Property:

Real estate agents know how to evaluate a property in terms of what is likely to garner the highest resale value. Therefore, they can most likely analyze the

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - You are all excited as today is the day scheduled for you to move to your new house. The moving van is completely loaded with all your household stuff and you officially own the home of your dreams. As soon as all the loading is done and you're about leave, your phone rings. It's your mortgage lender and he does not share good news. There are some closing issues that he mentions about.

Fortunately, many of you can avoid these issues with just a few simple proactive measures and a few points of emphasis during the home-buying process. If you've done any of these in the past, it's time to learn from your mistakes: 

  1. You Chose the Wrong Team:

You increase your chances of failure if you approach the home-buying

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - First impressions are vital in real estate. So if you're looking for an agent, make sure you have the necessary financial considerations in place. If you're selling your house, be prepared to show your home as soon as possible. All this takes time, and depending on the condition of your house and your finances, it could take a lot of time.

Buying a home is a complicated process, as it includes a number of factors that are to be considered for your decision. It is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. Hence, selecting the right real estate agent is utterly important and before you consider who your agent will be, you need to cover the following steps: 

  1. Get Your Mortgage Pre-Approved:

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Property taxes tend to rise steadily over time and, even once you pay off your mortgage, the taxes keep on coming. They can be extremely burdensome for a homeowner. If you ever want to get a homeowner all riled up, just ask them about their latest tax assessment and what they think of it. Who has ever responded by saying 'I love my tax assessment and think that I get good value for it!'.

Whenever values of homes rise, the property taxes also go up at the same time. But, if your property tax bill has increased significantly, you can certainly make an appeal, particularly if the increase seems out of line with overall appreciation in your area.

Here are some tips that homeowners can follow to minimize the property

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Edmonton home buying

In every home buying transaction, there is a 'jump off' point where  a home buyer makes the leap to purchase the right home. This is often the point where home buyers become the most insecure about their decision.

Is this a good choice?

What could go wrong?

Have I double and triple checked everything I need to?

The key to these answers is your preparation and all the work you have put in before this decision. I would compare it to a long distance road trip. If you have your map and your route in hand, but are you driving down a road you have never been on to a destination you have never been to, how do you know you are on the right path? The answer is in the work you have put in beforehand to make sure you get to the right destination.

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Buying a home is probably the largest and most significant purchase you will ever make in your life. The entire home buying process gives immense joy to the buyer and at the same time develops equal amount of tension as it involves the law of real property, raises special issues of legal practice, and property related disputes. A real estate lawyer is trained to deal with these problems and has the most experience to deal with them. Although using the services of an attorney can easily add several thousand dollars to the cost of a real estate transaction, it's often considered as money well spent.

Here are a few common problems that some home buyers face and how a lawyer can help you avoid them:

  • Property Transfers:

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To increase the volume of loan production due to the ever-increasing performance pressure on mortgage lenders, concerns in the credit markets and controversy over subprime lending, a growing number of mortgage brokers and predatory lenders are resorting to deceptive practices. These practices range from convincing borrowers to act against common sense to illegal or fraudulent mortgage scams. Although several scams are drafted to prey on first-time borrowers and sellers, these scams are usually focused on people who are attempting to refinance existing mortgages.

Here are a few scams that people generally fall a prey to:

  • Scams Focused on Owners and Sellers:

Many scams are focused on homeowners convincing them to conduct unneeded or

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - It is quite essential to spend enough time, money and energy while searching for the perfect house. So, by the time you're ready to buy, you'll certainly know a lot about the particular house and also all the other houses that you came across during your search. A small chat with the seller can fill in all the necessary details that help you make a better decision.

Here are some important questions that you need to ask the sellers:

1. Are There Any Neighborhood Problems?

There can be a number of problems or nuisances in the neighborhood including traffic congestion, traffic noise, speeding on community streets, crime rate, bothersome neighbors, poor maintenance and various odors of cigarette, litter, etc. It is

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Buying a home can certainly be a difficult, tedious, lengthy and tiring process. Well, you certainly should seek for proper consultation from a real estate expert who knows the housing market quite meticulously. Additionally, the decision of buying a home requires one of the biggest financial investments and the process can possibly be empowering and exciting, only if you have enough knowledge regarding the home buying process.

There are a variety of ways to learn about the process of buying a home and the responsibilities of homeownership. When you hire a real estate agent, you not only educate yourself about what it takes to buy a home, you also get a stronger understanding of your own emotional and financial readiness to

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