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Home Buying Needs vs Wants

The great thing about a home buying needs/wants list is that it can be used at many phases of the home buying journey. One of those phases is the home selection phase. Now that you think you have the home you want to write an offer on, there may be a few lingering doubts. By looking back at your Needs & Wants checklist for concrete support of your gut instinct may be the deciding factor to help you decide to write an offer.

Two of the main reasons I like home buyers to have a needs/wants list to look back on is as a foundation for reference and to help set a property's value to you.

As a Foundation for Reference - Often a home buyer will begin to focus more on wants than needs once they start to look at homes in person. Sometimes the wants that

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One of Edmonton’s defining features is its forward-thinking populace. Innovation is everywhere in Edmonton – whether it’s bold new findings by the University of Alberta or one of Edmonton’s other great campuses, or something as behind the scenes as garbage collection, new ideas are always at work.

In 2011, Edmonton was one of 24 cities to win the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge, thanks to the support the city shows for information technology innovation. This came with an award of $400 000 that is going towards making Edmonton’s transportation network safer. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) or “Smart Roads” are one aspect of this – these roads use systems to monitor traffic, predicting traffic flow, improving response times during accidents, and

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The biggest surprise that home buyers have after they start shopping  at homes in person is how it influences their needs/wants list that they created at the beginning of the home buying process. It is completely normal that some of the items you thought you needed or wanted no longer seem important as they once were.

Here are some of the main reasons why this evolution of the needs & wants list occurs:

- The conflicting ideas of theory vs practicality. As important as the online component of looking for homes is, the practicality of certain aspects  don't make sense in the real world. Home buyers may love a certain style of building in theory, then realize that in practicality it may not be safe for their young

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - I often have to apologize when entering a home that is not for sale - whether it be for a visit or a house party I have been invited to. My natural instinct after doing it for almost 20 years is to instantly scan the home for red flags, features, added bonuses, and items that take away from and/or add value to the home. One problem, though - I am not there for that! Similarly, home buyers often look at the wrong things when they go to view a potential home to buy. They will look at pictures, furniture, mementos, items in the garage - all things that have nothing to do with whether or not the home is worth the asking price and b) if it's something they are interested in.

Homes For Sale - What To Look For

Here a few key

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