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Winter in Edmonton is far from the dreary season some believe it to be – skating rinks open, lights intertwine the branches on the Legislature grounds, and fresh snows transform the River Valley into a wonderland. Nonetheless, all seasons must come to a close, and Edmontonians are certainly eager to see the sun again. As spring springs forward, the Capital Region will be doing what it does best – putting on a show! Break out the shorts and sandals, and we’ll take a look at some great upcoming spring and early summer festivals.

One spring festival families won’t want to miss is the International Children’s Festival, held May 26th – 30th at the St. Albert Place Promenade. There’s a ton of fun to be had here for kids and grownups alike. Professional

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Edmonton Real Estate website

There are tons of online home buying tools on the internet, but you deserve the best of the best. More importantly, you don't want to be wasting your time on websites that don't work or give little information. Often when I am looking for something online I simply do a quick Google search and hammer my way from top to bottom hoping for something useful. I often get frustrated because I can't find the info I need. And when it comes to Edmonton real estate sites, they are everywhere! So what sites out there are good for you to look at when looking to buy a home?

An Overview

What makes a good home buying site? It should cover 1 or more of the major issues related to real estate and home ownership - financing, safety/security, design,

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There’s a change in the air as Edmonton moves into spring. As the snow melts and the sun starts to come out, many Edmontonians are spending more and more time outside. There are lots of great things to do in Edmonton come springtime, both out in the city and around the house. We’ll take a look at some of the best ways to transition into warmer weather, and take advantage of improved forecasts.

A good way to get started into spring is spring-cleaning. Getting your house in shape isn’t always the most inviting task, but it’s good to get things in order before the warm weather really gets going. Now that the snow is melting, be sure to clean off front steps and doormats. Use the above-zero weather as a chance to get your windows clean – this makes a big

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In March, Edmonton had the honour of being the host city one of the most exciting winter events around – Red Bull Crashed Ice. A daredevil downhill skating spectacle, it drew massive crowds and heaps of media coverage, and for good reason: Downhill skating is far from an orthodox event! Previously held in a variety of winter cities worldwide, Crashed Ice found an enthusiastic host in Edmonton. It’s far from the only event to do so – a wide variety of excitement is coming to Edmonton in 2015, eager to make use of the city’s great facilities and scenic beauty.

One event you won’t want to miss is the FIFA Women’s World Cup, running from June 6 all the way until July 5. Over 20 countries from around the world are coming to Edmonton, ready to compete for

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Downtown Edmonton

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - When people think of historic cities to live in, living in Edmonton probably isn’t the first city that comes to mind. Places like London, Paris, or even Montreal have been around for hundreds of years, with no shortage of old facades or cobbled streets. These places are certainly amazing, but Edmonton has a pretty rich history of its own – from the fur trade to Old Strathcona, there’s no shortage of stories to be found right in our own backyard.

Probably the most obvious (and one of the oldest) historical sites in Edmonton is Fort Edmonton Park, located just off Fox Drive. Constructed as part of the Hudson Bay Company’s trading network, the original construction was on the grounds of the present day Alberta Legislature. A

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Edmonton Homes for sale

Prime Edmonton Real Estate - The Realtors Association of Edmonton (RAE) recently released the Edmonton real estate sales report for March 2015 - and the 'doom and gloom' forecast for housing predicted by many has not taken hold yet. However, there are more indicators that a market correction may be in the near future. In the month of March over $540 million in Edmonton and area real estate was sold - which is down 12% overall from March of 2014. However, average sale prices are higher than both March of last year as well as compared to last month.

The average Edmonton home sale rose in March after being stable in February. Single family homes were sold on average for just over $438880. This is an increase of over 1% over March of last year and up 2%

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Prime Edmonton Real Estate - Google Maps is a great tool for Realtors and home buyers when it comes to buying a home.  Using the various features in Google maps - street view, traffic flows, and others - is something I have been doing for years to help answer questions that home buyers may have. Now that the mobile version of it is improving also, it is a tool that I use in almost every showing.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Google Maps, it is a free service provided by Google that allows you to search for locations of addresses, businesses, or famous locations all over the world. You can use your computer to view a map view, an overhead  satellite view, or more commonly these days, a street view of wherever you need to go.

 So how does

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