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Sherwood Park homes sales have continued to be strong over the past 30 days. Located in Strathcona County, this city is a popular choice for young families to raise their children as well as those who want to bypass a lot of the hustle and bustle of Edmonton while still enjoying many of its benefits. There has been rapid development on the North and West areas of Sherwood Park over the past few years, coinciding with the redevelopment of major arteries such as the Anthony, Baseline Road, and the Yellowhead Trail.

There have been 52 sales overall in Sherwood Park in the last 30 days -  5 single level apartments, 5 townhouses and 42 single family homes. The specific sales information as reported through Sherwood Park MLS listings and sales are as

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CMHC is an acronym that many people who have bought or sold real estate are aware of, but what exactly is it and what does it do? CMHC stands for Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation, and entity that has been around for more than 65 years and is known best for helping Canadians who have less than 20% down payment with the purchase of their home.

How does CMHC help? Primarily this organization helps by providing mortgage insurance that is paid for by the homeowner via a premium on your mortgage. This mortgage insurance will cover the mortgage costs should the homeowner not be able to may payments on their home and are foreclosed on.

Let's take a step back to understand why this was implemented. Traditional home ownership financing was done with a

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Beaumont is a great community South of Edmonton with which I have experience in home sales. It is a great town for those who prefer the quiet of a smaller town within a decent driving range of the hustle and bustle of the big city. There are many people that live in Beaumont who commute north to Edmonton or South and west to Nisku and Leduc. Recent upgrades to the road systems around Beaumont have made these drives even more accessible. Beaumont is known for the St. Vital Roman Catholic Church that sits at the top of the hill in the downtown area, and is readily seen from most areas of the town. It has many recreational services as well as 2 golf courses within 5 minutes of the town - Eagle Rock and Coloniale golf clubs. Development has continued in all

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St. Albert home sales and home listings continue along a steady path as more and more families choose to live in the city that was most recently voted as the best place to live in Canada. Things continue to grow in this once sleepy bedroom community. Expansion to the north in 2014 has seen a mixture of new residential and commercial options for residents. Ray Gibbon Drive has now been completed and extended all the way up to Villeneuve Road - helping give me options on the daily commute. 2015 looks to see more reshaping as well as the old Hole's Greenhouse redevelopment will be completing soon. And it's not just the new communities that are attracting people - older communities are being sought after for their tree lined streets and classic feel.

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Buying a dream home is a huge investment, one that has a lot of extra costs that home buyers  may have not considered. There is always the obvious cost - the list and/or sale price of the home you buy. But there are numerous other costs associated with buying a home, both one-time costs and ongoing costs.

Here is a list of most commonly costs that home buyers forget to include in their budgets:

Home Inspection 

A home inspection is important to help you see what items in the home will need to be replaced in 1,3,5 years and beyond. It can also uncover issues that are deal breakers - saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

Financing Costs

These costs are over and above your principal and interest payments and may include appraisal costs,

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Once you have put in your initial offer, it is almost a given that you will also be working with your Realtor through a series of counteroffers from the home seller. Having an offer that is accepted with no counter offer is extremely rare. Knowing what your priorities are within your negotiation terms of the contract (price, possession day, condition day, and appliances included) will guide you through this process.

5 Things Your Realtor Knows About Counter Offers

  1. Counter offers that are done verbally are not official - Verbal counter offers after the original offer are common, as they help save time and keep the purchase contract free from numerous editions and multiple initials that real estate lawyers do not like to see. It is extremely
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The 3 most important things when buying real estate is time, energy, and money. They often roll into each other in one way or another. It is important for home buyers to know how they can save their time when viewing properties - and how saving this time will save you energy and money in the long run! It reduces stress, increases It allows you to make a better decision for you and your family when it comes time to buy a home!

Top 5 Ways To Save Time When Viewing Homes

  1. Be pre-qualified for a mortgage - There is no bigger waste of time than to look at numerous homes and spend time, energy and money on viewings only to find out that you are approved for a lesser amount than what you have been looking at. Make sure that you have an approval from a
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2015 is now upon us, and many of you are considering entering or re-entering the Edmonton real estate market this year. The new year will see quite a few changes in the legal, marketing, purchasing, and designing of real estate in Edmonton and area. Here are 5 real estate trends to look for in 2015:

Better Protection for Buyers of Condos For Sale in Edmonton

The Government of Alberta recently Amended the Condominium Act to better protect those who have bought this form of real estate. These changes include a focus  on helping owners in new condo developments make decisions while the builder is still selling the new units. These changes also require condo boards to be more transparent and accountable with unit owners in their decision making

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Planning to buy a home? There are numerous steps - some exciting, some downright boring. But what is the BEST thing you can do to ensure long term financial success?

It's simple: Create an effective mortgage payment plan! Here's Why:

Mortgage Basics

A mortgage is a repayment plan agreed to  by you as a home buyer and the bank. The bank pays the home seller the price of the home (minus the buyers down payment) and then you pay the bank. So technically, when you buy a home, you don't own it. You only own a piece of it. The bank really owns it, because they (usually) have paid the majority of the money for it. This agreement is done through a mortgage broker, either through your bank or through an independent mortgage specialist.

Paying Off a

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